Letter, 14 June 2013


I just got all my letters! I picked up the first mail today for our district. I got 12 letters! A lot of girls didn’t get any letters and that was kinda sad. I sent a letter this afternoon, but here’s another to answer your questions.

(I asked if they just handed you your name tag or if they made a show of it.) It was a presentation of course! A MTC lady pinned it on for me. Well, actually, it’s a magnet. She magneted it on.

(I also asked which MTC campus she was on.) I am living in the main MTC. It’s nice because my three buildings are so close. Through the whole day, I rotate in between the cafeteria building, my residence building, and the classroom. I’m ready to go to France so that I can have room to unpack. And not to have to sit through ten hours of class a day. Just kidding. Class isn’t boring — it is tres bien.

I went to San Fran today! My companions and I woke up at 2 AM. Barf. A worker from the travel office drove us in a ratchet MTC van. At the airport we met two sisters from the Salt Lake area who are coming into the MTC fast track next transfer. We got to San Fran at 7:30 (time change). A van service picked us up and drove us to the French Consulate. It was FREAKY. It was on the sixth floor of this giant building. You had to have a special card to swipe to even be able to press the “6” elevator button. That’s real stuff. We got up there and went through security. Then, this stern French man took our forms and passports, took our pictures, and fingerprinted us. He was kind of scary. And French. It took like . . . 10 minutes. So . . . we woke up at 2:00 AM and the Church paid to fly us all out there for 10 minutes. But . . . we had two extra hours, so the Church had told the driver to take us to Pier 39. We ate lunch and walked around and took some pictures. And we were like, “Being a missionary is awesome!” cause sometimes you get to play hooky from the MTC and party in Cali. Anyways, we flew back to Salt Lake and as we walked around, we would hear people say, “Hey, look! There’s the sister missionaries!” It took me a minute to realize they were talking about me.

I got my travel itinerary yesterday! I fly out Monday, June 24th. There are SEVENTEEN missionaries going to Lyon that day. We fly out of SLC at 11:15 AM to Chicago. Chicago to Heathrow. Heathrow to Lyon. Cry. And we’ll arrive at 11:15 AM in France. The Paris missionaries flying out the same day have a DIRECT FLIGHT! WHAT IS UP WITH THAT? Yeesh. Keep your phone nearby on Monday though! I found out that we have to use a calling card, so thanks for sending me one!

I’ll write again soon!

Soeur Jones 🙂

Passe un bon journee!

**Edited to add: She didn’t get her visa! So she’s not leaving on Monday. They are hoping for Tuesday or Wednesday. She’s not sure.


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