Letter, 24 June 2013

Ma famille,

I miss y’all! I love getting your letters in the mail! They make my day, and they make everyone jealous because I get so many letters! I love hearing about Girls Camp and all your shenanigans. I’m so sad I missed it (other than the super sweaty parts). But I’m glad to hear you all were eating better food in the middle of the woods than I am in the fine institution that is the MTC. I even finally got a letter from dad! Nice to know that he hasn’t forgotten about his first-born.

Did you guys watch the broadcast on Sunday? I WAS THERE! With like, ALL the Apostles. And like 6,000 missionaries (more than half of which were sisters.) It was crazy cool! Pretty awesome about missionaries & technology, huh? Well . . . so the Church is putting up a new website section about it and putting together pamphlets to give to missionaries to guide them on using such technology. Anyways, today I was in class and a random man came in holding a picture of my face . . . creepy. And he told me they wanted to use me in some pictures they’re taking to be in the pamphlet! I’m gonna be Mormon famous! haha. So, I spent like two hours yesterday posing with other missionaries using iPhones and iPads. So . . . we’ll see where my face ends up!

So, our visas still haven’t come, which means we have to move, as new missionaries will be taking over our room on Wednesday morning. But, this is probably good as two rooms on our floor have been evacuated and fumigated because of bedbugs. The sisters in those rooms had to haul out ALL of their stuff in hazardous waste bags to be sprayed and washed. Yuck, yuck, yuck.

We’ve spent the last couple days in class covering the fundamental “teach people, not lessons.” It’s really cool how much time we spend talking about how to connect to and love our investigators. We spend more time on that than we have on the teaching material. I really like this part of learning. I think I’m probably a better people person than lesson teacher.

Anyways, the comps and I went to the scheduling office this morning (after much grief because the whole building is on lockdown because all the new mission presidents and Apostles are inside). They told us we don’t have to move and we’ll be getting a new schedule tonight. We’ll be put in a French class starting tomorrow. Yeesh. I hope our visas come soon . . .

I love you guys and I miss you!
I’ll e-mail you as soon as I have travel plans!


Jordan B. Jones
AKA Soeur Jones


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