E-mail, 8 July 2013

Bonjour ma famille!

So I know that you’re all wondering where I am serving, so I’ll tell you that first thing!

I am serving innnnnn…..
LYON!!! Right here in the city!

I am serving in the écully area in the écully ward which happens to be the ward the Roneys attend as well as the APs and the zone leaders… maybe they just wanted to keep an eye on me cause they think I’m a troublemaker.

Okay so now that that’s out of the way, I’ll start from the beginning.
Soeur Johnson and I arrived in Lyon at about 2:15pm on Saturday to find that the airline had lost one of each of our bags… yeesh. And the baggage lady was grumpy and French.
But then we met the Roneys and the APs and they were very nice and bought us lunch at the airport and drove us back to the Mission Office in the middle of Lyon. They took our pictures (even though we looked very haggardy after 21 hours of traveling.) And then they sat us down in a small meeting and assigned us to our first areas. I got assigned to Lyon and I’m SOOOO excited! Lyon is so beautiful! I got to meet my companions right then because they live so nearby. And yes, I have companionS. We’re a trio here in écully now!
And here they are! The Soeur on the left is Soeur Hills. She’s from British Columbia, Canada and she’s my <<mom>>. She’s an awesome trainer! I love her already! She always makes sure that I have something to say during a lesson even though I can never usually understand the amis (that’s what you call investigators in French).
Soeur Stevens is on the right. She’s from Palo Alto California and she’s super cute and fun. She’s obesessed with Tim Riggins and fresh mozarella, so we get along well. She’s only been out for 6 weeks, so Soeur Hills has to train us both. President Roney says this is happening more and more because they’ve gone from 30 to 80 Soeurs in the last few months. There aren’t enough trainers to go around!
Anyways, after we met at the office on Saturday night, they took me to a small café for dîner where we had baguette with fresh mozarella and tomatos on top and pain au chocolat. It was SOOO good. And so Frenchy.
Then they took me back to our little french apartment. Did I mention we have a car? We are one of two équipes of Soeurs in the whole mission who have a car. Our area is too big to get along without one. Lucky us! But I probably could use some walking… Anyways, our apartment is SOOO cute and tiny. But fun. It is right along the Saône River, so it’s beautiful! Here are some pictures! (And yes… our bathroom is bigger than our kitchen).
Here’s our front room. That’s my Ikea desk (on the very right) that Soeur Hills and Soeur Stevens built for me! In the left corner is our dining table where we plan and eat meals.
Here’s my desk where I study and such. I still haven’t unpacked completely, so it’s a little bare. And yes, that sign says <<Bienvenue notre bleue!>> In France, they call new missionaries Bleues instead of greenies. No one seems to be able to tell me why.
Our tiny kitchen:)
That’s my bed on top!
Our front door. In the apartment complex, everyone has a nice golden plaque on the front door, except for us. We have this paper. On which Les Missionnaires is spelled wrong. lolzz
Anyways, so Saturday night, I got to come home early and go to bed early (which was nice because I was exhausted)
Then I was awake at like 5:00. Yeesh.
The next morning, we had church at 9:00am. My first day in the ward! French people love to mingle, so Sociéte de Secour (Relief Society) started kinda late. The scariest thing was that eveyone bisoued each other. (They kissed on both cheeks). We don’t have to bisou the Frères, but we have to bisou the Soeurs otherwise it’s unpolite. Frankly, it was kinda strange. I just wasn’t at all prepared for the bisouing.
But the church building is adorable.
And guess what??? My companions have a baptism next sunday that I get to be part of since I will teach her with them this week! Her name is Ludmilia and she’s AWESOME!!! So take that everyone who told me I would never see a baptism on my mission! I’ll be part of one my first week!
The church members are really nice. They love the missionaries! The écully ward is one of the biggest wards in France. The Roneys think they are about to split it. But it’s great. The Bishop speaks so fast I never understand a word he says. During Sacrament Meeting, he called me to the stand in front of the whole ward and made me bear my testimony IN FRENCH. I almost threw up. Then, as a reward for giving a understandable testimony, he gave me a referral that came to him from the Saint George visitor’s center! He said, “Here’s your first mission miracle Soeur Jones” (cause they almost NEVER get referrals). We are going to visit her tonight! We planned a short lesson, so hopefully she’s there! It’ll be my first real lesson with a real ami!
 Here’s a not very good pic of the church building. I’ll try to get a better one later. But isn’t it cute??
We were at church an hour and a half after sacrament meeting because french people love to mingle so dang much. It’s great though. We set up a meeting on Wednesday night with a less active member from Malaysia. We’re going to the relief society president’s house with the relief society presidency and the less active is teaching us how to make malaysian food. I’m pretty excited for that!
Speaking of food, I am eating pretty well because both of my companions love to cook. So basically my life is good. We eat a lot of tomatos and mozarella. We are making Texas sheet cake on Thursday because it is my one month birthday! And also because the Sister Training Leaders are coming to visit. Since we live so close to the mission office, Soeur Hills says that we often have Soeurs from all over the mission staying with us… which is awkward because our apartment is soooo tiny. But it’s fun.
After church, we had chicken with mozarella and tomatoes (lol I was serious about eating that every meal) and finished our studies. Then, the Soeurs and I did some role play contacting because we are doing a lot of street contacting this week. That a huge thing in our mission.
SEND ME MAIL! My new address is:
Les Missionaires
Soeur Jones
13 Quai Pierre Scize
F – 69009 Lyon
Make sure you write Les Missionaires on the top, cause that’s what it says on our mailbox. All packages have to be sent to the mission home. They’ll call and tell me if I have a package to pick up. So packages go to the address I previously gave out.
I love you all and I miss you!
 This is what we see when we walk out of our apartment. Need I say more about how Lyon is the best place ever???
Lyon is amazing and so are my companions. We have lots of work to do and a very busy week, so I’m excited!
Today, we’re going grocery shopping and maybe to the park/zoo in the middle of town… we’ll see!!
Tonight we’re going porting (door to door) and visiting our referral, so wish us luck!
Soeur Jones

One thought on “E-mail, 8 July 2013

  1. Great first post! Nice to have a sense of your living arrangements…..nice bed linens. Food sounds delicious and Lyon looks sunny and beautiful. You sound euphoric! The gospel is true…the Lord will bless your attitude and effort. XO Aunt Rebecca

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