la deuxieme semaine a Lyon

Bonjour! This week has been pretty eventful!

Last Monday, we searched out this Mexican restaurant that some other missionaries were talking about. It was supposedly a French version of Chipotle. I didn’t hold high hopes because… ew… it’s mexican food in France. However, we found it and tried it and it actually wasn’t too bad. It of course doesn’t hold a candle to Chipotle or even to Cafe Rio, but it was nice to have some guac and black beans. (Both of which don’t exist here otherwise.)

On Tuesday, we had a lesson with our ami François. We taught him the Plan of Salvation lesson and at the end I ASKED HIM IF HE WANTED TO GET BAPTIZED on August 25th. It was the scariest thing I’ve ever done in my life. I thought I was going to throw up on his shoes. But he totally said yes! He was surprised that we thought he’d be ready by then, but he said that baptism was what he wants in the end. So yay! François is really cool! I’m so excited to be teaching him! 

After we taught François, we had RCM at the church where we meet with the ward mission leader and talk about our amis. Anyways, Frère Kodo (the WML) asked me to give the lesson in the investigator Sunday School this week. I was like… um… I don’t speak French!!! Then he said… Well I guess you’d better learn! Yeesh.

On Wednesday, we had dinner with a less active member who just moved into our ward boundaries. We actually found her on accident. We randomly contacted her on the street and she was like, I’m a member! She’s from Canada, but she’s married to a man from Lyon who is not a member. She made us Thai food (which was really good!) And then we had the cheese/yogurt courses for dessert, and I had to eat Roquefort. It was the strongest cheese I have ever tasted… It was kinda yucky. I’m not a fan, but I guess I’d better saddle up…. ’cause everyone here LOVES Roquefort. We shared a small spiritual thought with them, and she said she was really grateful that she met us on the street and that she missed the church in her life. So, we invited her to church, but they didn’t come:(  She’s really cool though, so I can’t wait to keep working with her!

Soeur Stevens got a blister yesterday, and today it got totally infected. Her entire leg is swollen and red and the blister is like the most mutated, disgusting thing you’ve ever seen. We went to the doctor, and he cut out the infection (barfy) and said she needed to keep her foot elevated for 18 hours a day…. yeah right! So, we’re just trying to take it easy and drive as many places as we can.

Thursday was zone conference, and it was really fun! There are so many amazing missionaries here in Lyon! Soeur Roney announced to the whole group that she and I are “almost related.” Mehe.

On Friday, we had weekly planning, which takes like 4 hours. 4 hours of planning. Yeesh. Honestly, the end of our week was fairly uneventful because Soeur Stevens’ foot was about to fall off… lol.

On Saturday, the Elders in our ward and us Sisters fasted for our mission goal, which is to have 50 baptisms in the month of July. We’re hoping that we reach it! We taught François again, this time the Gospel of Jesus Christ lesson. He said during the lesson that he is fully committed to the church and to being baptized, so we have another engagée! It’s so exciting! The best part of teaching on Saturday was seeing François get that light in his eyes that means that he understands and he wants to change. It’s amazing. Being a missionary has some low lows, but the highs are the highest highs ever! (I’m not entirely sure that sentence made sense, but I don’t really speak English that often anymore… I think I’m losing my touch.)

On Sunday, I taught investigator Sunday School and I was really nervous! The lesson was on the Word of Wisdom. In the middle of my lesson, these two investigators got in this huge argument. I didn’t know what to do! The Elders were trying to break it up, but neither of them were listening to anyone. I almost cried. lol. not kidding though… But it turned out okay. I had the Elders help me with an object lesson that everyone got a kick out of. I had the Elders both put on their empty backpacks. One I left empty and the other I filled with cans that I labeled as different things that are against the Word of Wisdom, and I had them see who could do more pushups. The amis thought that that was the most hilarious thing they had ever seen, so at least that turned out well.

We had another baptism in the ward! Elder Petek and Elder McCarty’s ami Paul got baptized! 

ImageHe looks kinda angry here, but he’s really the nicest guy ever!ImageThis is the whole group. Sorry it’s so blurry. That’s why we’re all laughing, cause I asked Frère Kodo to take a picture and he was having the hardest time figuring out how to work the camera.

ImageHere’s a pic of me and my lovely companion Soeur Stevens. Sometimes we accidentally coordinate our outfits very well. And we think it’s really funny.

ImageThis week, we traveled out of Lyon and into the more rural part of our area. We visited a city called Villefranche. It’s pretty much the most beautiful place ever. If you want to live in Southern France, move to Villefranche. This is a picture of the city hall. It looks way prettier in person, I promise!

This week was great, and went by so much faster than the first. Missionary work is hard stuff, but I’m loving it! 

I miss and love y’all!

Soeur Jones



One thought on “la deuxieme semaine a Lyon

  1. Good Afternoon Souer Jones,
    It is a lovely day here in the Heber Valley. Hot hot hot, but cooler than Provo or SLC. We’re fishing several days a week. I wish that I could invite Francois over for a dinner of fried trout to celebrate his baptism. Tell Him that I taught 10 9 year olds in Primary yesterday about missionary work and the gathering of Israel. They sat in a straight line wearing long sleeved white shirts and ties and listened so quietly to the lesson. They are all looking forward to serving a mission. I often share your missionary experiences with them. They will be happy to learn of Francois’s baptism. Glad last week went well and that you are filled with the spirit to spread the gospel of Jesus Christ to all the corners of the earth. I know that Heavenly Father is pleased… are his good and faithful Servant. Much love, Aunt Rebecca

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