the best week EVER.

Okay. So really, this week was great. I feel like I grew so much this week. Perhaps it’s because my trainer left, so I’ve been forced to really step it up. I’m doing a lot of things now that I didn’t do when Soeur Hills was around. I’m street contacting on my own, teaching bigger parts of the lessons, talking on the phone in French! (Which is a LOT harder than it sounds). I’ve also been cooking more! I’d just like to give a shout out to Pioneer Woman. Because of her, my companions think I am the best cook ever. ME. Hear that momma? I’m a good cook! Who knew? I made Pioneer Woman fried rice and florentine pasta and they were both a huge hit!

ALSO. This one’s for you dad- I fixed our shower head this week. It was freaking out and the water pressure was really low. SOOO I just grabbed our little tool box and used random different tools to hit the shower head with. (Just kidding… But not really). And I fixed it!!! I actually just tightened the bolt between the shower head and the faucet (Cause it’s one of those) and it fixed everything! 
So there you go! I’m learning all kinds of good stuff out here in France!
This week, we were able to see all four of our amis. They are all doing pretty well. François is moving really steadily towards baptism. His baptismal date is August 21st, but we’re probably going to have to move it into September, because he’s having a bit of anxiety. He doesn’t feel ready (though he really is). I have seen this man change SO much since I’ve arrived in France and started teaching him. He’s a completely different person. It’s the most amazing thing. The Gospel really changes people!
We also saw our ami Sy. He’s a younger ami, a student here in Lyon. He really loves the lessons, but he works in Paris a lot, so it’s hard for us to be able to see him. However, we talked a little about prophets with him this week and we showed him a picture of the First Presidency where they are all laughing. Sy took the picture and stared at it. He just kept pointing to Thomas S. Monson and saying over and over, Il est beau. (He is beautiful). And then he said. I know he’s a prophet. I can see it in his eyes. It was an amazing moment.
We saw Mercy. We are teaching her the Restoration again, very simply and reading a Book of Mormon Stories children’s book with her. It’s a little bit of a hard situation, and we don’t really know how to handle it, but we’re just trying to love her and do our best. 
We also saw our new ami named Nathalie. She read 12 chapters of the Book of Mormon inbetween our first and second lessons and she says that she loves the story of Néphi. (pronounced Nefi). So, this is a pretty exciting development! 
Our amis are doing well and I am loving the teaching part of my mission. It’s my favorite part. It’s probably everyone’s favorite part, but I just really love it when we’re teaching and people are understanding, and slowly you can see the light turning on in their eyes. It’s a good feeling. 
This is the first week where I think I can really see my French has improved. We had a post-baptism lesson with Ludmilia that was more of a discussion than a lesson, and I found that I understood everything she said, and had no problem expressing anything I wanted to say. It was kind of a miracle moment. I feel really blessed. I know my French is improving a lot faster than it could possibly improve for a normal person. 
Since we’re in Lyon, when the new missionaries come in every transfer, we’re in charge of entertaining them for two days before they are assigned a ville and a trainer and shipped off. So, we had 24 new missionaries and 24 trainers. Yikes. We got a lot of the members of the ward to come to the church and volunteer to have the new missionaries teach them practice lessons in French. We did some workshops and contacting. So it was pretty fun to not be the newest missionary anymore! We pretty much spent two days this week inside the church with the new missionaries, which was fun, but kind of frustrating because we just wanted to get out and actually get some work done. 
So, this random man named Antonio called us saying that he recieved a pass along card and wanted to meet with the missionaries. We were pretty excited because this NEVER HAPPENS. So we met with him and a member at the church. And he was kinda crazy. He kept reciting prayers and saying crazy things. Then he showed up at church. And he asked Elder Petek for a light. Awks. So…. We’ll see how that goes. 
We got a new district leader this transfer. He’s Tahitian. So every Sunday, when we have to have our weekly conversation with the district leader, that means it has to be in French. Yikes. So he called yesterday night, and I answered it without looking. Then I just heard this babble in my ear, and I freaked out cause I didn’t know what he was saying, and I threw the phone at Soeur Stevens and we just really had a difficult time with it. It took about an hour for him to get the information he wanted from us. It was a lot funnier than it sounds….
I feel like I’m finally at the point where the members of the ward stop asking me if I’m new. It only took five weeks. LOL. 
But anyways, it was a great week and we have a really fantastic week planned.
ALSO!!!! It’s my two month missionary birthday today! Can you believe it? Two months already! It’s crazy! It’s been the fastest two months of my entire life!
Love and miss you all! I pray for you often!
Soeur Jones

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