La Semaine des Miracles

Okay. This was the biggest week of miracles ever. One of those being that my camera came in the mail! Soeur Green told me all about the troubles. Yeesh. France. What are you going to do?

Our first miracle happened a week ago. At the grocery store. Carrefour of all places. Soeur Stevens, Soeur Lewis and I were just walking around looking for the creme fraiche, and this completely random lady walks up to us and says,”I’ve been looking for you.” We were like, “Uh… we don’t work here…” And she said, “No, I’ve been looking for you Sisters. I met the Mormons in Paris on vacation and I’ve been searching for you in Lyon for months.” WHATTTT??? She started to cry and hugged us and told us that she had been praying that very morning about the Mormons and when she saw us, she knew it was God who sent us to her. She then gave us her phone number and address and said she wanted to learn everything about the Mormons. She continued to cry and hug us until she looked at us and said; “I just feel like I know you, like I’ve met you before.” Needless to say, it was like the best day EVER. And the biggest miracle EVER. We are seeing Mirella for our first lesson tomorrow!:)
Miracle number two is that François has a firm baptismal date! He will be getting baptised on September 8th! We are so excited! François is too, he’s just too cool to really admit it, but we know he is because he told us he already picked out the cantiques (hymns) he wants to sing at his baptismal service. 
Miracle number three is that on Wednesday night, we streetboarded for two hours and contacted 300 people. 300. That’s a lot of people. And after, we were so tired (streetboarding takes a lot out of you) and we didn’t want to do anything else, but we decided to do some porting (door knocking). On our way from streetboarding to porting, we contacted into this man named Guy. He told us that he had actually met the missionaries when he was on vacance in Grenoble. He had started reading the Livre de Mormon, but he lost the card with our phone number. And we just contacted right into him and set up a rendezvous! We taught him the introduction lesson and he came to church yesterday! And he said he really liked it (though I’m 75% sure that he slept through most of the Saint-Cène. (sacrament meeting). 
Miracle number four is that on Friday, we taught three more introduction lessons! One of them set up another rendezvous with us and the other took a Livre de Mormon and is still in contact with us (another rendezvous pending). 
Miracle number five (I know, this is a lot of miracles): We taught two more introduction lessons on Saturday, each to two people. And three of them became new amis! It was absolutely crazy! We got four amis and four potential amis this week! We have been praying for people to teach, and the Lord has been guiding them to us! We are so lucky! 
We got to attend a baptism AND a wedding this week! The baptism was for an ami of the Elders in another sector of Lyon. I played the piano and it was really beautiful and fun! All the Lyon missionaries came to support the Elders, so we got to all spend some time together which was great! The wedding was for a couple in our ward. They had their state marriage at the church, and we got to attend, and it was very… French.
Sorry there aren’t any pictures this week! I’ll try to get the new camera up and running so I can send some pictures home next week! We are going to Vieux Lyon today with the Elders for P-day, so I should get some great pics from that trip! 
Thanks for the package mom! It was the best! It was like it was my birthday or something. Packages rock.
Love you all and hope you are doing well! Good luck with school starting back up!
Soeur Jones

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