Bonjour tous! 

I feel like this last week was exactly five minutes long. It went by so fast!
Last week for p-day, we decided to do something fun, so we spent part of the afternoon at Vieux Lyon. Vieux Lyon (Old Lyon) is really beautiful and authentically French with cobblestone streets and little shops and crepe stands and the Cathedral St Jean. 
In front of the Lyon Lion.
That’s me in the “L.”
Then, on Monday night, the most tragic thing happened. I was reheating mashed potatoes to eat before we went out to streetboard, and when I was taking them out of the microwave, I tripped and almost dropped the bowl. Don’t worry, I caught it, but my hand kind of sort of went into the bowl of boiling hot mashed potatoes. I had burn blisters on three of my fingers and I couldn’t take them out of cold water for more than like two seconds without them burning. So, we couldn’t really go streetboarding. It was kind of a bummer. The Elders bought me some burn cream and we had to walk down to a little plaza near our apartment to get it, and I had to carry a bag of frozen broccoli on my hand all the way there. It was kinda awkward. But don’t worry, it all worked out in the end and they’re healing up nicely. 
Tuesday was Soeur Lewis’ six month birthday, so of course I made a Texas Sheet Cake to celebrate. Soeur Stevens and I sang happy birthday to her and put a candle in her cake. (Don’t worry, we didn’t light it). My companions are the best. We get along so well. We have lots of fun in addition to getting lots of work done. 
François is really getting excited for his baptism. He has already started planning his own program and calling people in the ward to give talks and say prayers. It’s the greatest! I am so excited for him!
We have a new ami named Ernest, who has really been progressing well. We were able to teach him twice this week and he came to church yesterday and I think he really liked it! We are seeing him again on Tuesday and are planning on inviting him to be baptized, so that’s pretty exciting!
This week, our zone focus was on contacting. As a zone, we set a goal to contact 8,000 people this week between our 11 equipes. This rounded out to about 750 contacts per equipe. So, to do our part, we went streetboarding twice this week and we ended up contacting 1001 people!!! Can you believe that? That’s a lot of French people for three little American girls to talk to. We were counting up our numbers last night at about 8:00pm, and we realized we had talked to 998 people that week, so last minute, (we have to submit our numbers at 8:30) we ran out of our apartment and chased people down the quai so that we could contact them and get to 1001. It was fantastic. 
We had the opportunity to give a lot of service this week. On Friday, we took a bus about 45 minutes out of Lyon to a suburb where our Bishop lives. We painted a shed for him. It was kind of hilarious. All three of us ended up covered in paint. Then, on Saturday, the Omorodian family moved apartments, so all the missionaries from the ward went to help them out. It was pretty fun! Speaking of the Omorodians, Comfort had her baby on Tuesday! Her name is Amarantine which means “eternity” in some language that is not English or French. 
Yesterday we had a baptism in the ward, which is always exciting! The AP’s baptized a lady named Nicole who has been an ami for about a year now! It was a really exciting day! Here’s something else crazy… Today, one of the AP’s goes home. His parents came to pick him up and they came to our ward yesterday to see his baptism! So we all saw him see his family for the first time, and of course, he, being an Elder just took it all calmly and didn’t even tear up at all. I, on the other hand, was bawling. It was the greatest thing. So crazy. I’m at the point where I feel like I’ve been a missionary FOREVER (even though it’s only been like 3 months) and I feel like I will be a missionary FOREVER. 
The Soeurs with Nicole!
Love you all and vous me manque!
Bonne semaine! Good luck with school starting! Try not to be too sad:)
Avec amour,
Soeur Jones
PS. We found this aisle in the grocery store last week. It’s our new favorite. LOL. “Tex Mex.”

One thought on “1001

  1. Good Afternoon Soeur Jones,
    So sorry to learn about your poor burned fingers, however it sounds as though you knew exactly what to do…..keep it cold, cold, cold.

    Love seeing the pictures of you and your surroundings. In the pic of Nicole and your Soeurs, you all look like Beautiful French women. Your little gray jacket with the pink trim is especially Frenchy…. somewhat military.

    So glad that the work is going well. How fortunate Bro and Sis Rony are to have three cute Soeurs who are so committed to their callings.

    May God Be With You,
    Much Love,
    Aunt Rebecca

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