The bags under my eyes will probably never go away

Bonjour ma famille (et mes amis) (et tous les autres qui lisent ces emails),

This week was great! But just a warning, I did a really bad job taking pictures this week… Desolée. I’m the worst. I’ll do better this week. Promise.

But anyways, we had so many exciting things happening this week! We had our zone conference on Tuesday, which was absolutely wonderful! I LOVE zone conference. It’s like a week of EFY fit into 5 hours. We had some changes in the mission that are pretty exciting too! As a mission, our goal is to pray TOO much. So, every week, we pray for not only our amis, but the amis of all the missionaries in Lyon. In an effort to show us that our prayers are affecting missionaries and amis not in our area, Président Roney has decided that we will all be able to attend every baptism in our district! This means, if anyone has a baptism in St. Etienne (the other half of our district), we get to travel out there to attend! This probably doesn’t sound like a big deal, but it’s pretty much the most exciting thing that ever happened. EVER.

Also on Tuesday, we went to Joy’s house for dinner. Joy is progressing so much! I’m sure she’ll be coming back to church soon! The worst thing ever happened though! We were doing our spiritual thought with her, and she was really opening up and telling us her soucis. She said, “You know, since I’ve started meeting with you, I’ve really been feeling like I need to….” Then, in the worst moment of my life, she gets cut off by someone knocking on the door. It’s the movers bringing all of her stuff from Canada and we have to leave really quick. So NOW WE DON’T KNOW WHAT SHE FELT LIKE SHE  NEEDED TO DO!!!!!! It was quite literally devastating.

And don’t worry, it just gets better. We were coming home a little late that night from Joy’s, and we I was sitting on the bus with Soeur Stevens. Soeur Stevens was sitting in the aisle, and I was at the window. All of a sudden, this really creepy guy who we’ve met one time before on the bus and tried to talk to him about Jésus walks up. AND HE BISED (bisoued) SOEUR STEVENS ON THE FACE. She was shocked. And apalled. I think she almost threw up. We were dying.

We started our English Class this week! It was really, really fun! We divided the class into two groups, those who have some English background and those who are starting from scratch. Soeur Stevens and Soeur Lewis worked with the people who already spoke English, just helping them to get some practice, and I taught the three people who had NO English background whatsoever. It was probably the most fun thing I’ve ever done in my life. I taught them the verb “to be” (être en français) and we learned some adjectives. So by the end, the three of them could describe people in the room. (ie. Soeur Jones is small. Soeur Stevens is tall, etc.) They were thrilled with their lives. It was so fulfilling. François was one of my students (lol) and he told me he’s been practicing his vocab every day. So, I can’t wait for class this Wednesday!

Speaking of François, HE’S GETTING BAPTIZED THIS WEEK!!!!:!!!!! I am absolutely psyched out of my mind. I am so excited!!!!!! I really cannot explain how I came to love this 60 year old African man from Cote D’Ivoire, but he’s seriously the greatest. I’m pretty sure his baptism is going to be the best day of my life. So, I’ll have baptism pictures to send home next week!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!! You probably think that this amount of exclamation marks is a little unnecessary, but it is my only means to convey my excitement to you… therefore, !!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!

ALSO, we have a new engagée!!!! Ernest has a baptism date! He is scheduled to be baptized on the 29 of September! We’re so excited for him and excited to keep working with him towards this date!

On Thursday, we took a FOREVER long bus to see a family in our ward. (This is the only bad thing about our sector. It’s huge, so to visit most members means an hour bus ride both ways.) But, we went out to Anse to visit the Rodriguez family, and they are so cool! Both of the parents speak practically perfect english and they have daughters and twin boys that are 2 years old and are pratically the cutest things ever. Except it’s the worst when a two year old can conjugate verbs better than you….. But they live in a more rural suburb of Lyon, and so we went on a walk with the family and picked des mûres (blackberries) off the side of the road! It was beautiful!
Just a French countryside . . . No big deal.
We also had our movie night on Friday! We showed Les Témoins (the Testaments) at the church and made popcorn and invited all of our amis and the members, and…. it was a dud. The five of us missionaries were there, plus one ami each (François came… he never lets us down), plus like three members. It was the worst. Very disappointing. But worth it! Because even though the french dubs are really really really bad, François was totally touched by the movie! I think he might’ve even cried. Though he would never admit it.

We also got two new amis this week! We had a intro lesson with a good friend of Ludmilia’s and her fiancé. Georgette is really cool and totally interested! By the time we went for our first lesson, she had already read 12 chapters of the Livre de Mormon!

So, basically, this week was amazing, and we’re expecting this next week to be even better!
Love and miss you all!
Soeur Jones

One thought on “The bags under my eyes will probably never go away

  1. Good Morning Soeur Jones,

    Whew , I’m exhausted just reading about the events of last week. Seams to me that those hour long rides to and from appointments would give you a little needed respite……starring out the window at the French countryside, and daydreaming about what you will have for lunch or dinner…a loaf of bread…a chunk of cheese..and…oh well. I was wondering if you have been able to teach any “native….French Citizens.” Are they open to you in a kind and accepting way? Do these natives attend their own church on a weekly basis? I know you have no time to answer the many questions you must receive, but just askiing.

    Super sad day for BYU fans last Saturday….lost first game of the season to Virginia Tech. Offensive line was blasted online, in the newspapers, and on TV. Our dear friend, Garett Tujugue, the offensive line coach, is taking the heat, so it is painful. We’ll hope for a better outcome this week against U of Texas….Oh Wait…There will be no happy endings this week.

    A little Lyon trivia for you…..INTERPOL the International Police Organization is located in your fair city of Lyon. That makes us all feel much safer knowing that you are well protected.
    Picked up that little tidbit in Azimov’s column in the SLTribune last week.

    Loved having lunch with your Mom, Sister, Aunt, and Cousin last week. You are fortunate to have so many who love and support you.

    Have another great week….
    May God Be With You,
    Much love, Aunt Rebecca and Uncle Chuck

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