Transfer week

[Note: Jordan’s new address (I’ll also add this to the ‘mail’ page for future reference)]

Les Missionnaires
Soeur Jones
21 Rue au Change

So, this week was really weird.

Let me tell you why:
This week was the Fête de Patrimoine for all of Europe. It’s basically like Pioneer Day for European people. (I know, I don’t really get it either). Mostly they just celebrate their ancestors. So, our bishop thought it would be a great idea to have an event going on at the church this week for this celebration since we have a family history center in our building. We had a big meeting about it and everyone had all these grand ideas and tons of members signed up to come and help out.  The bishop asked the two equipes of missionaries to be there all week. As in all day.  Every day.  Normally, we would never do this, but technically, the bishop is in charge of us and we have to do what he says.
Anyways, so it’s getting all hyped up, and the Family History consultant in the ward made this GIANT Book of Mormon, (I kid you not) to put outside of the church during this event. (Pictures of this to come).
Well, we show up the first day, the giant Livre de Mormon is outside, and NOT ONE PERSON is there. Not one member. Also, we found out very quickly that the church is in the LEAST trafficky area in all of Lyon.  So not only are there no members there, not one person is passing on foot for us to talk to. So the four of us missionaries sat there that first day and completely wasted our time with this thing. But we preservered and decided that we would somehow find a miracle through this event. So all day, every day last week, we spent at the church. And no members ever came, and not one person even set foot in the church. 
So basically what I’m getting at is that this week was kind of a fail. I should be more positive.
This week was… not so great. That’s about as positive as I can get. Sorry everyone.
But we did get the chance to teach some lessons in between our assigned “sit at the church and do nothing” hours. We continued to teach Ernest, (he won’t be ready for baptism by the 29th, but he is still progressing!) started François’ integration lessons, and worked with Joy a few times this week. 
Then came Friday. Transfer day. I was really nervous all week about it. You know how I’m a little freaky about these kinds of things.  So Friday morning comes, and I cannot focus on ANYTHING. It was the longest morning of my life. The phone finally rings and it’s the assistants. (Président was in training with Elder Oaks and Ballard this week, so the assistants made the calls)
AND THEY SAID, “Sister Jones, we are so proud of the work you’ve done in Ecully these last two transfers, and so we want to move you. We are sending you to a ville that needs help. We’ve whitewashed it (sent two brand new missionaires in) the last three transfers and that hasn’t worked, so this time we’re sending you to open up a brand new equipe there.You’re going to Chalon-sur-Saône.” UH WHAT????!!!!!
So I moved today!!! It’s so crazy to me that I just moved to a new city and nobody at home knows about it! It was really stressful. I packed all my things (and yes, it magically all fit into my two suitcases), and I said goodbye to everyone in Ecully (which was the worst possible thing in the world. François was devastated), and I took a train out to Chalon this morning with my new companion, Soeur Christensen. We’ve just been in Chalon for a few hours now. We live in a ginormous apartment with another equipe of Soeurs. Chalon is the EXACT opposite of Lyon. It’s tiny! There is a small branch here with around 35 active members. (Missionaries included) But, I’m excited to get to work here. The ville is really, really cute. It’s a very classical French town with all cobblestone streets and old buildings. 
I’ll send some pictures next week. Unfortunately, my camera cord is packed with my stuff, so I can’t send any pictures this week, but next week, you’ll be getting a lot from last week and this week.
So basically what I’m saying here is this: Pray for me because I have NO clue what I’m doing. We’re starting a new equipe from scratch. I’m trying not to stress, but I’m a chronic worrier… so that’s not going well. 
Love and miss you all!
Soeur Jones

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