Well . . .

Well… This week was good. I am so tired. And missing two toes. Just kidding. But I do have two really nasty blisters. Whoo hoo!

 Before I launch into this week, here are some of my pictures from my last week in Ecully:
P.S. Dear everyone who sent me a letter to Ecully before I moved, don’t worry, my old companion has taken my mail to the office, so it’ll get to me this week hopefully!
LOL. This man in our ward made a GIANT Book of Mormon that sat outside our church building all of last week. 
Here are two of my favorite people in the whole city of Lyon, Joy and Yves. 
Alicia and Frére Kodo (Ward missionary and mission leader)
Taking pictures with Elders is always awkward… Especially when they aren’t looking at the right camera… Elder Petek (on my right) went home this week. He was my zone leader in Ecully. We were slightly devastated. 
We were really sad. But we smiled anyways.
So. There ya go.
Now back to Chalon:
As we started this week with nothing, this week consisted of a whole lot of contacting. And contacting. And trying to see less active members. And contacting. We walked for probably around 6 hours a day this week (and thus the blisters). 
We had a couple cool miracles and set up about four rendez-vous on the street, handed out about 6 Book of Mormons, got about 8 numbers. This probably doesn’t sound like a lot, but believe me, in France, it’s a LOT. So we worked really hard and some great things happened, but it’s still difficult to be a missionary who isn’t doing much teaching. 
So, in short, the week was hard, but have no fear, last night I whipped up a big batch of mashed potatoes, and everything was right in the world. 
Soeur Christensen is great! We have lots of fun, but we’re able to work well together. 
The apartment in Chalon is GINORMOUS. I totally forgot to take pictures, but I’ll send some next week! 
In other news, it is FREEZING cold here. I was not prepared for this to come so fast, being the naive Texan girl that I am. I need tights. And coats. And sweaters. 
I wish I had more interesting information to share with you about my week, but until we get started, I’m afraid my emails might be rather boring! I’m the worst. Desolée. 
Vous me manquez!
Avec amour,
Soeur Jones



One thought on “Well . . .

  1. Good Afternoon Soeur Jones,
    Brisk weather here in Zion…..especially in the early morning. Wool is your friend!!! Forget what worked in Texas. Cashmere is the best…light, but so warm. Often warm enough to forget the coat. I’d rather have two or three good cashmere sweaters than a dozen of something else. Lambs wool is warm, but can be scratchy and I know how you hate scratchy.

    I have two interesting spiritual accounts to share, which you might find helpful. We have a man in our ward who has recently returned froom being a mission president in South America. He stated the importance of three things….To Observe, To Listen, and To Discern. Sometimes we are so motivated to move in the direction we want a conversation to proceed, or a task to be accomplished, that we fail to observe and listen to the other person ( I myself am often thinking ahead to what brilliant bit of info I am going to share when the other person is still speaking. Shame!) Sometimes we learn something we already know. Aha!

    The other experience is one I will always remember! Apostles are rock stars to me and Elder David Bednar is my FAVORITE. This last Sunday morning, Chuck and I were sitting in our self assigned row, when someone mentioned that Elder Bednar was visiting our ward that day. I looked up and there he sat on the podium. I could not take my eyes from him during the entire service. He spoke for the last ten minutes of the meeting….riveting! He spoke of his travels for the upcoming week in Africa and how each Sabbath in countries all over the world members in their wards and branches were doing exactly what we were doing…..blessing and passing the sacrament…teens giving talks…. average men and women speakiing and sharing their testimonies….and parents taking out wiggly babies. He stated that the gospel is true in every language…in every country…..in every township. No ordinary man could conceive of such an organization that could be so sustained. After the meeting was over, I greeting a couple from our neighborhood who are taking the missionary lessons and she stated with tears in her eyes that it was as though he was speaking directly to her and her husband.

    I walked straight to my Primary class, gathered up my 8 little missionaries in training and marched them into the chapel to shake the hand of this great man. He looked into each of their eyes, asked their name and age and made a personal comment to each one of them. Now that is the behavior of a real Rock Star!!!!

    Have another great week in Chalon! Much Love, Aunt Rebecca

    Sarah, I know….too long. So forget it. It was just nice for me to put in writing what I was feeling. LOve you too. Aunt Rebecca

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