Chalon: Week 2

Bonjour tout le monde!

This week was pretty much the same as the last, lots of street contacting and porting (tracting). We’ve pretty much talked to every single person in Chalon at this point. 
On Tuesday, I got to go back to my homeland of Lyon for an exchange with the Sister Training Leaders there. It was so great to be back in Lyon, even though I wasn’t in Ecully. While I was there, we had a lesson at the institute building. When we arrived, the Lyon zone leaders had just finished giving a lesson there. I knew them both, but there was this random third Elder with them that I didn’t recognize. I assumed he was new, so I went over and introduced myself to him.
Me: Hi! I’m Soeur Jones!
Him: Jones? Do you know a Soeur Taylor going to Tahiti?
Me: (getting super excited) YESSS.
Him: Me too! She was in my district at the MTC. I’m going to Tahiti, but I’m reassigned here to wait for my visa. 
It was pretty much the best moment of my life. Then we just bonded over both knowing Soeur Taylor and I was freaking out about it for probably like 40 minutes. It was the best. He said, “She laughs a lot. Really loudly.” I was like, “YES. I know.” So that was a super exciting moment in my week. 
This week, we did a lot of porting. We picked this set of apartment buildings that are painted pink and green and orange and decided to port all of them this week. We met some very interesting people. Here’s one of our porting miracles: On Saturday night, we had just ported eight stories of a nine story building with NO success. It was the end of the night (around 8:00) and we were really tired and bored of porting. But we knocked on one of the doors and an older lady answered. We said, “Bonjour, nous sommes les missionnaires pour l’église de Jésus-Christ!” And she slammed the door. Another rejection. So we started walking down the stairs. Then, we hear her door open back up and she says, “Attendez, vous êtes qui?” (Wait, who are you?) And we went back to her door and explained a little about ourselves, and she let us come in! We ended up talking to her for about an hour and explaining a little about the Livre de Mormon and our church.  She was so nice and so interested in all the differences between our church and other churches. She invited us to come back this week! We’re really excited! 
We had zone training in a little town called Besançon. I’m really liking being in Chalon, because I get to travel a lot to other cities. When I was in Ecully, everyone came to us. Being in Chalon, we travel a lot to Lyon, Besançon, Dijon, and Geneva. So, this is exciting.

On Friday night, we had dinner at our DMP’s house. It was crazytown because his whole house looks like this:Image

He is a collector. Every room in his house is a museum. Every room has a different theme. This one is rocks and minerals.  He has a room of weapons, one of african items, one of hats, one of snakes (my least favorite). Every spot on their walls is filled with something. And there are bookcases of collections everywhere!!!!Image

Like this one of snakes. There’s like 700 in there. 

It was so crazy and cool. They also have two real snakes. One of which I held. And wrapped around my neck. The pictures are, unfortunately, on my companion’s camera. And she forgot her cord. So I will send the pictures of me holding a giant snake next week. It was the craziest day of my life.
This week, I also made a chicken pot pie. 
It says VIVE LA FRANCE, in case you can’t tell. And don’t worry, that green spot on the pie is not on account of my poor cooking skills, it’s a camera flash. 
Chalon is pretty much the prettiest place in the world. I love it! 
General Conference is this weekend! I’m stoked! We only get to watch three sessions though, because of the time change. We watch the Saturday morning session from 6-8pm on Saturday, then the Saturday afternoon on Sunday from 10-12am and then the Sunday morning from 6-8pm on Sunday. Then, we can try to catch the Sunday afternoon session later if we want. 
We are watching conference at the senior couple’s home here in Chalon. WHOOP! Can’t wait for that Ensign to come out. Yeesh. I’m such a missionary. 
Miss and love you all! Can you believe it’s October already??? Time flies. 
Avec amour,
Soeur Jones

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