I got pooped on.

This week was great! It’s so crazy how time is flying by! We start week four of the transfer today! I’ve almost been in Chalon for a month! Yikes. Missionary time warp.  

One of the reasons this week flew by is that we actually got to teach some this week! We taught about 6 lessons this week (which for France is a lot so don’t judge), and we got a few new amis! Our best lesson by far was with a younger girl (probably 20 or 21) named Charlène. She is so cool! I contacted into her on the street.  That day in our contacting, we were focusing on eternal families, so I began to talk to her about God’s plan for us. She immediately responded by saying, “Yes! I totally agree! I was raised completely atheist, but I’ve always thought there must be something after this life.” And so we had our first lesson with her last week. She is so cool! She has absolutely NO religious background whatsoever, no conception of God or Christ. This has been a really unique opportunity for Soeur Christensen and I as we teach her and plan her lessons. We have to really start with the basic basics and teach her like you would a primary child. I LOVE it. At the end of our first lesson (we talked mostly about God being our Heavenly Father and loving us), we talked a little about prayer. Charlène was so excited to try, so we helped her say a prayer at the close of our lesson. It was the first prayer Charlène had ever said in her WHOLE LIFE! It was so touching and the spirit was really strong. Because she had no formal beliefs, her prayer was really a conversation with God. She talked to him like he was just a friend and they were chatting on the phone. It was amazing. We get to teach her again tomorrow! I’m stoked:)
We also had general conference! WHOO!! It was so great. It was a little weird, because of the time change, but so great! We saw the Saturday morning session on Saturday night from 6-8pm our time. Then, on Sunday, we watched the Saturday afternoon session in the morning, followed by Priesthood and Relief Society sessions, and then the Sunday morning session. It was a long day of conference watching, but it was great! I did not appreciate General Conference the way I should have before my mission. I appreciated it, but it was more of a “I don’t have to go to church and I get to wear my pajamas all day” appreciation. But now, after having had four months of studying conference talks every day, I feel so much more appreciative of the words of our prophet and the other General Authorities! 
Warning: Those who are faint of heart, or get disgusted by poop, should not read this paragraph.
SO. I GOT POOPED ON BY A BIRD THIS WEEK. It was the worst experience of my life. I was wearing my waterproof white jacket luckily, so it didn’t seep through onto my skin or anything, but it was still really disgusting! I got out our map to make sure we were going the right way. We hear a splat and there is, all of a sudden, a giant bird poop on my jacket sleeve. I, of course, started LOSING IT. I was yelling, ” SOEUR CHRISTENSEN! I HAVE POOP ON MY SLEEVE! DO SOMETHING!” So, she did the only thing she could think of to do, which was to take a pad (lol) out of her purse, dip it in puddle water and wipe it off. It was an ordeal to say the least.
This week is zone conference! I’m so excited! Our zone conference is being held in Geneva! So I finally get to go to Switzerland for the first time! I’m stoked! I’ve had the opportunity to go to so many cool places! I’m a lucky kid. 
The other highlight of my week was getting a package from my momma. It was a fantastic Halloween package. We used the contents of the package to decorate our apartment:) 
Another warning: The following are pictures of my apartment, mostly for the pleasure of my mother. If you don’t care, feel free to skip the following photos. 
Kitchen / eating area / half bath / laundry
Halloween deco!!!! 
Sitting area. Stairs.
Study room. There are two more desks on the other side. Skeleton garland! 
Bedroom. Bunkbeds for dayzzz.
In other news this week, the garbage workers of Chalon went on strike and dumped all their garbage in front of city hall. 
Also, I have a cool companion. 
And, we live in the prettiest place.
That’s all for now folks! Thanks for your love and prayers!
Avec amour,
Soeur Jones

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