Cette semaine

Bonjour à tous!

This week was really CRAZY! But it was super fun!

Our ami, Charlène is doing really great! She accepted an invitation to be baptized!!!! We haven’t set a date with her, but I feel like that will come this week! Soeur Christensen and I are psyched out of our minds of course. We are taking her to a member family’s house tonight for a soirée familiale (FHE). We are so excited! We’re teaching a Plan of Salvation overview, which means that I get to make a giant visual today. CRAFTING! COLORING! SO EXCITED! Our only problem with Charlène is her transportation to church on Sundays. She goes home on the weekends and has no car and there is no bus. We mentioned it in ward council yesterday, and the Branch President is going to help us find a member who can pick her up.

We had zone conference in Geneva last Thursday! It’s about a four hour train ride from Chalon to Geneva, so the traveling was INSANE. We left Wednesday night and got into Lyon at about 9:00pm. I did get to stay in Ecully, so that was pretty happy:) Soeur Stevens and I had a very screamy and obnoxious reunion. It was so nice to get to talk to her about all of my old amis and François and Ludmilia and everyone:) Anyways, so we had to get up at 4:30 the next morning to catch our train to Geneva at 6:30. Then, we got into Geneva at about 9. It was crazy town. We were EXHAUSTED. But zone conference was great! We had raclette for lunch. It was SO tasty. Raclette is like this super good french dish where you boil potatoes, cut them up on your plate, and then use a raclette grill to melt cheese and cook meat to pour on your potatoes. So basically, it was a melange of my most favorite things. Unfortunately, we didn’t get to see much of Suisse, but what we did see (mostly from train windows) was beautiful! Then, our train home to Chalon got delayed an hour and a half, so we didn’t get back into Chalon until 10pm. It was a VERY long day.

Yesterday, we had church and our break the fast meal afterwards. Here’s the thing about break the fast meals in France: it’s always like, gourmet. French people’s normal food is like really fancy. So that is, of course, just good times all around.

Here’s a story to remind you all that missionaries are still real people (real 19 year old girls):

This week…. Our toilet seat broke. Like, broke off the toilet. So, Elder Miller came and fixed it. But then, we just had an old, broken toilet seat, and being 19 years old, none of us could let that go. So, when Soeur Hutchins was on exchanges, we tied the toilet seat to her bed, right above her head. (She sleeps on a bottom bunk.) When she came home and rolled into bed the next day, we had a good laugh for about 40 minutes.

This week was really great and really difficult all at the same time. We had A LOT of appointments fall through, a lot of amis drop us. So, this week, we will be focusing a lot on finding some new people to teach, which means lots of contacting and porting. MY FAVE! (only a hint of sarcasm there).

Shout out to the Wagleys, Sister Bird, and Sister Weinken for your letters! (I just got some of them, because they got caught at my apartment in Ecully after I moved).

Sorry this email is so lame. I’ll add some pics. Maybe that’ll spice it up a bit.
I had my four month mission birthday on Friday, so Soeur Christensen bought me one of my favorite treats, a chocolate eclair:)
We walk through this square to get to our church building. On Wednesdays and Sundays, there is a HUGE open market here with lots of french vendors yelling at you in french to buy their fresh vegetables and flowers and homemade honey. It’s always the best moment of my week when we get to walk through it. I feel like Belle on Beauty and the Beast:)
This is how we always know what time it is. This church’s bells are SUPER LOUD. Love it. This morning, we were walking down the cobblestone road at the left of this big church when the bells chimed 8:00 and my companion was like, ” OUR LIFE IS SO COOL.” I agree.  My life is pretty cool.

Je vous aime et vous me manquez!
J’espère que vous tous passez une bonne semaine!

Avec amour,
Soeur Jones

One thought on “Cette semaine

  1. Now aren’t you glad that Heavenly Father yanked you out of your comfort zone and transferred you to Chelon??? I too love the picture of the market place and church with the belfry. You DO have a cool mission. I am sure that that chocolate eclair would put any American eclair to shame.

    Nothing much going on here. We have seen the last four BYU football game 2 wins/ 2 loses. Cold, cold, cold!!!!! Colors in Provo Canyon and points near are beautiful! Living here in the Celestial Kingdom is all we had hoped it would be……beautiful scenery….lovely people….great weather….and a General Authority living in every direction. We are a blessed people!

    Enjoying your posts tremendously! May the Lord Be With You…..XO Aunt Rebecca

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