Chalon Forever

Yes. I’m still in Chalon with Soeur Christensen. No changes here! 

We are getting a new bleue in our apartment though! So that’ll be exciting!
Big news of the week: Charlène has a baptismal date! We’ve engaged her to be baptized on the 7th of December and she accepted! She also said she thought that her sister might be interested in taking the discussions! So, needless to say, we are totally stoked! 
Miracle of the week:
On Tuesday, Soeur Christensen and I looked at our planners and realized we had a LOT of empty space to fill, so we set a faith-filled goal to set up four rendez vous on the street that day, to fill up the empty time in our planners. So, we set out to do some street contacting and decided to pray for our goal every hour. We did this, and worked really hard all day long and went home that night with four rendez vous– which is like… unheard of. We were so grateful and were able to meet some really cool people. 
Stress of the week: 
Transfers really freak me out. I’m not entirely sure why. Maybe it’s just that your entire life is hanging in limbo and you don’t know whether you’ll be living halfway across the country with a random person in two days. President Roney totally knows I’m a freak about transfer calls. He called on Friday morning and let us know the news. At the end of the call, I could hear people laughing in the background. I realized he had put me on speakerphone so that the entire room could enjoy my freakiness. I said, “President, did you put me on speakerphone?” And he said, “Okay we love you bye!” Which means: yes. 
Beautiful scenery of the week:
We had a district meeting in Dijon this week. Soeur Christensen and I rode up to Dijon with the Millers on Thursday morning. Chalon and Dijon are a part of the region in France called Bourgogne- where they grow all the grapes for wine and have the finest type of snails for escargot. So, the drive to Dijon is beautiful. It’s basically a one hour long stretch of vineyards, which are now all changing colors for the fall. I wish I could have taken a picture and sent it to you, but my memory card spazzed out. Next time… I promise:)
Best day of the week:
So, the Lyon stake had stake conference this weekend which meant we got to go down to Lyon! Soeur Christensen and I took a train to Lyon on Saturday night and stayed in Ecully with Soeur Stevens and her companion and it was so much fun! Then the next morning, we drove to stake conference with my favorite people in Lyon, Joy and Yves. And I got to see tons of the members from the Ecully ward! It was so great! 

Soeur Paolo (Soeur Stevens’ companion), Soeur Stevens, Joy, me, and Soeur Anderson


For those of you who have read the blog since the Lyon days, you probably remember me talking about Joy and Yves a lot. Cause they’re SUPER great. Let me give you an update. Joy is now completely reactivated. Her church records have been moved into the ward and she goes to church every Sunday. Her husband Yves (on the far left) is now taking the missionary discussions from President Roney himself. When I found this out, I was so thrilled. The joy of this superceded the joy of even the baptisms that I’ve had. It feels so good to watch someone come back to church- to renew their covenants again and remember the joy that comes with the gospel. Seeing them this weekend was such a tender mercy. 
Joke of the week:
So… remember the toilet seat story? Well… it’s a huge joke here among the missionaries of Chalon, even the senior couple, the Millers. ‘Cause Elder Miller is the one who had to come replace the broken toilet seat. The Millers made fun of us about it all the time. So, as an end of the transfer present for the Millers, we cleaned the toilet seat really thoroughly and made it into a picture frame for them. 
They thought it was really funny. So did we.
Best photo of the week:
So, it’s a custom among the missionaries to refer to the missionary that you trained as your child. So, when you are waiting on a new bleue, everyone says that you’re pregnant. Soeur Hutchins, my roommate is “pregnant” because she’s waiting on a bleue. Last night, I walked into our bedroom to find this:
HAHA. She’s so excited for her new bleue to come! 
Anyways, this week was really great, and we have lots of really great things planned for the week to come!
Thanks so much to everyone for your prayers and thoughts!
Avec amour, 
Soeur Jones

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