Is it November already?

I can’t believe it’s November already!!! Do you know that one year from now, my mission will be over? That is SO weird. Every transfer seems to be going by faster and faster.

So we got a new Soeur in our apartment. Straight from the MTC. Soeur Di Oliviera. She’s pretty cool. The first day she was here, we had to spend the entire day taking apart and putting together furniture. Président Roney has asked that in all four person apartments, we are completely separated, meaning two beds and two desks in one room, and two beds and two desks in another. So, we took apart an Ikea bunk bed and two desks in order to get them moved through our TINY french doors. Basically, the point of this story is, if anyone has some Ikea furniture they need put together, I’m a pro now. 

We had two really good lessons with Charlène this week, but she still hasn’t been able to come to church:( 
We had a fantastic lesson with our ami Amede this week. We taught him the Plan of Salvation. I think he was really touched and felt the Spirit. We think this lesson will finally push him to act. I guess we’ll find out this week!
We found a really cool new ami this week named Gerard. He’s a referral from a member in the branch. He came to church on Sunday and started CRYING during the Saint-Céne (Sacrament meeting). He really loved it, and the branch fellowshipped him SO well. That is one thing that the tiny branch of Chalon-sur-Saône is great at: fellowshipping. Every time an ami comes to church, every single member has a conversation with them. They invite the ami to sit by them during sacrament meeting, they invite him or her to their house for family home evening, they do everything they can to help that person feel the love of Christ. I often look back and wonder why I NEVER noticed new people in our ward at home until they were up on the stand in front of us receiving the Holy Ghost. It’s something that I’ve resolved I’m going to be better at when I get home, because I’ve seen the way that member fellowshipping can change an investigator’s course towards baptism. 
On Friday, Soeur C and I were doing some street contacting and this random old lady came up to us and said, “This Sunday is different from all the other Sundays!” (Probably because it was Friday). Then she looked at my companion and said, “Est-ce que vous êtes sa maman?” Which means, are you her mother? She thought Soeur C was my mom. Awks. But wait, it gets better, Soeur Christensen, thinking that she asked “ESt-ce que vous êtes les Mormons,” which sounds kind of similar, gives her a big smile and says, “OUI.” Then I just lost it, laughing so hard. The crazy old lady just kind of stumbled away and Soeur Christensen looked at me and was like, “WHAT?” Then she realized what she had said and was super embarrassed. I thought it was funny. Soeur C did not. 
On Saturday, Soeur C, the Millers, and I went to a far out ville to spend the afternoon with a really cool family in the branch, the Osmonts. Frère Osmont is a single father with a 17-year-old son and two girls, aged 10 and 7. They are a super great family with some super hard things going on. We did a family home evening with them, and ate with them, and it was a really good afternoon. We’ve even got the 17-year-old to start reading his scriptures, which was a super hard task and involved bribing him with Snickers bars. 
The stake president came to Chalon yesterday to speak in sacrament meeting and to do interviews. (In France, if you want to get a temple recommend or mission interview or anything, you have to plan WAY in advance, because the stake president only comes around about twice a year). He’s a SUPER great guy. He was in the Ecully ward, so he let me know how everyone was doing down there. President Bennasar (the stake president) has finally convinced President Catogni (the branch president) that church should definitely be three hours long. So, starting in January, the Chalon branch will start meeting for three hours. I think this will help a LOT. 
Sorry there are no pictures. I’m the worst. I promise I’ll take some to send next week. We’re going to visit a castle today… so that should lend itself to some good picture taking opportunities. 
Love and miss you all!
Soeur Jones



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