I’m in France, and I’m really, really cold.

Bonjour tout le monde!

This week went by really fast. I’m sitting here trying to think of what we did and I have no memory.
Well, here’s what I remember:
On Thursday we traveled out to Besancon for zone training. This took most of our day as Besancon is about a two hour train ride away. I like riding trains though. They’re much more fun than airplanes. We should think about getting us some more passenger trains in the US. 
We did have a major miracle this week! WAYYY back at the beginning of last transfer, right after I first arrived in Chalon, Soeur Christensen and had our first lesson here with a guy named Frederic. The lesson went really well, and he was really cool, but we lost contact with him because his phone broke and we had no way to get ahold of him. Well, the other night Soeur Hutchins and Soeur Di Oliveira were at the church teaching a lesson, and Frederic happened to walk by the church and see the lights on. He went into the church and found the Sisters upstairs. He told them he really wanted to see the missionaries again because he had read 1st and 2nd Nephi and REALLY liked the Book of Mormon. They invited him to come to church the next day, which he DID! And now we’re teaching him again! Miracle right?!
On Friday, Soeur Christensen and I had lunch with these two old ladies in the branch. Needless to say, having lunch with little old French ladies is REALLY fun. We had raclette (which I think I’ve told you about before– the potatos with the melted cheese and grilled meat that you make on a special grill). And then we ended the lunch by playing Triominos. Those ladies smoked us. 
On Sunday, we had 10 investigators at church! Can you believe that? 10 investigators, 18 members, 6 missionaries. It was super great! An ami family of the other sisters brought another family with them, so we had 10 investigatos in our gospel principles class! 
Another funny story about Sunday that illustrates quite perfectly being a missionary in a small branch: One of the big families in the branch (actually the only big family in the branch that holds most of the callings) was gone this Sunday. So, we showed up to church and the branch presidency was freaking out. So, I conducted Relief Society, played the piano in primary, taught the gospel principles class, played the piano for sacrament meeting, and gave a talk (that I wrote 5 minutes before sacrament meeting started). It was a VERY hectic Sunday. 
This morning, we drove out to a nearby castle. We thought it was going to be really exciting and cool– it was coolish… but not so exciting. The tour was TOO long. But I did get some good pictures to share!
Le Chateau Cromatin
Old French rooms
They had a giant hedge maze. Super fun!!! That’s Soeur Hutchins back there.
And a hedge shaped like a chicken. 
Well, we have zone conference tomorrow in Yverdon, Switzerland which is about three hours away, then we have an exchange in Lyon on Thursday, so we’ll be doing lots of traveling this week!
Vous me manquez et je vous aime!
Soeur Jones

One thought on “I’m in France, and I’m really, really cold.

  1. Dear Soeur Jones,
    Though I have not commented on your blog for the last two weeks, I have read your e-letters each week. I am so happy that your love your mission….your soeurs…..your amis……and the gospel of Jesus Christ. He is happy to have your doing what he cannot do and it is obvious that he is leading and guiding you to know what to do and where to go. The train rides should lovely, comforting and peaceful….a time to think and reflect.

    Saw a show on the History Channel today about a super fast train on the east coast of the US that travels at speeds up to 150mph….fastest train in the US. We’re getting there. One is scheduled to be built between LA and San Francisco in the coming years.

    All the missionaries have been accounted for in the Philippines, but it was a frightening few days with 25 missionaries unaccounted for. A good friend and neightbor of my son Steven is serving on one of these Islands. Glad that you are in France and that you LOVE France. I do too! Have a great week!!! Much love, Aunt Rebecca

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