Bonjour tout le monde:)

This week was really great! We traveled a LOT, so that was kinda fun.
On Tuesday, we drove three hours away from Chalon to Yverdon, Switzerland. We had to go up and over the mountains to get into Suisse, and the mountains were COVERED in snow! It was really beautiful, but also a little scary, because I really don’t want that snow to come over the mountains into Chalon. Anyways, zone conference was great as normal. We heard from Président Roney and Soeur Roney and their daughter who recently came back from her mission in Paris. 
The new mission nurse was there too. She was at the zone conferences to give everyone flu shots. Lukcily, I dodged that bullet with the whole egg allergy thing. WHEW.
On Wednesday night, we took a train to Lyon for an exchange with the Sisters in Gerland. When we got to their apartment, we found that their heat was… broken. Now, it’s not as cold in Lyon as it is in Chalon, but it’s still too cold to sleep without heat. So, as a solution, I found three sleeping bags in their apartment. And I slept in all three of them. I just got in the first one, then pulled the second and third over that. Given, I couldn’t move and inch the entire night, but I was warm. 
Thursday, we spent the day in Lyon on exchange with our Sister Training Leaders. Soeur Vidal and I went with a member to bring some blankets and food to some Armenian refugees who are members who live under a bridge. We went to the bridge, and there were probably close to 200 refugees living under the bridge in various makeshift tents. Soeur Vidal and I weren’t allowed to go under, but we could see it from across the street and it was really sad. The saddest part was that there were members of the church living under this bridge — a father, mother,and a son who is about 17 years old! It was a really touching experience. A member from the ward brought three big bags full of food, blankets, coats, toiletries, etc. When he gave the bags to the  mother and father, they both started crying. Then, the member looked at the son of this family, took off his own scarf from around his neck, and put it around the neck of the Armenian boy.  I was tearing up. It was really touching. I vowed never to complain about the cold again. I’m doing a really bad job. I need to work on it. 
Friday, during our lunch hour, we headed over to the open market for some fresh veggies. I took some pictures so you can enjoy the quaintness of it all. 
I love the market. It feels so Beauty and the Beast-ish. You just walk through it and people are yelling in French about their fruits and legumes and fleurs and épices. I LOVE it.
Saturday, we helped a less active member of the branch move. Moving people out of French apartments is really not the most fun thing in the world. Because it involves many flights of really tiny, windy stairs. It was a very interesting experience.
Then, Saturday got really good because I got a GIANT Thanksgiving package from the fam! It was the best! Let’s just say, I had Captain Crunch for breakfast this morning and it was UNIMAGINABLY good. Except, we had to get up early and go get milk from the milk machine, because the milk you buy in the stores just doesn’t cut it. It’s COMPLETELY pasturized. You don’t even have to refrigerate it.Yuck. It tastes… not good. But we have a milk machine in our town and you bring your milk bottles to the machine and pay like 2 euros and fill up your bottles with fresh milk that’s like the milk we have in the US.
One last picture:
This is me and my companion with our friend from the branch, Sione Vaioletti. He’s a rugby player here in Chalon. Except he doesn’t speak any French. Which is why he has to be friends with us. So we can translate everything in church. He was in the newspaper here Saturday! The story was all about him being Mormon and playing rugby here to support his brother who is on a mission! Cool huh?
If you’re looking for an interesting talk to read this week, try this one. I read it this week and it was very interesting! It’s by Hyrum W. Smith. I can’t remember exactly what it’s called. Something like “The Restoration: Why 1820?” Something like that. I hope you can find it! It was a devotional given at the MTC in the 80’s. It’s super interesting and funny!
Anyways, I hope everyone had a great week!
Vous me manquez!
Je vous aime!
Soeur Jones

One thought on “HEYO

  1. Good Morning Soeur Jones,
    COLD!!!!! I am so sorry. I can deal with almost anything except the cold. Consequently, I have always owned a small electric space heater. They are inexpensive and safe. If one is allowed, go immediately to your nearest drug store, Walmart, or Target type store and purchase one. Other suggestions….Do not allow your body to lose heat. Always wear a wool cap….heat escapes from your head……place cap, gloves and coat on your body in the warmth of the indoors. Take your coat off when you come inside and let your body adjust to the indoor temp. Then when you replace your coat to go outside you will retain your heat more easily. It is almost impossible for me to regain a comfortable body temp once it has been lost, without a direct heat source….voile, the little electric heater. At night…..hot water bottle….socks….hot bath before bed. I know these seem obvious. In Little House on the Prairie…..Ma heated rocks, wrapped them in fabric and placed them in Laura and Mary’s bed. She placed baked potatoes in the pockets of their coat.
    Do whatever it takes…….STAY WARM!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!

    Glad you are able to maintain your positive attitude and sweet spirit.
    Much love, Aunt Rebecca

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