Everything’s fine ’cause I have a jacket now.

IT SNOWED. Did everyone read that???? IT SNOWED. Barf. It snowed in Chalon. Not a lot. But it snowed. I am obviously freaking out. But it’s fine ’cause I have a snazzy jacket now to keep me warm. 

So this week…. was really not interesting. Mostly because everyone decided to give their Christmas Cheer to people that are NOT the missionaries. 
The one good thing that happened was that we have a new investigator who has a baptismal date! His name is Laurent. He’s 21 and from Chalon. He’s really accepting of everything and reads the Livre de Mormon every night. There’s only one hang up… he lives with his girlfriend. But we’re gonna work on it okay? 
So, this week everyone emailed me and said, “I know you won’t get to celebrate Thanksgiving, but have a good day anyways!” Well… joke’s on you because we’re having a BIG Thanksgiving party at the church tonight!!! It’s a potluck and we’ve been inviting random people on the streets of Chalon for weeks now! Everyone’s really excited about it because it’s ” SO American.”
Also, on the actual day of Thanksgiving, we have a district meeting (made up of mostly American missionaries), so we’re having a Thanksgiving lunch. The Millers even managed to find a turkey! So, there’s Thanksgiving written all over my Frenchie life!
So, this week we had a kind of party. Because it was Soeur Christensen’s hump day! Her nine month mark! Weird huh? 
So, naturally, we celebrated in true French fashion: with a box of assorted French pastries. 
Don’t worry. We shared. We went with a chocolate theme- Chocolate eclair, chocolate Suiss, chocolate beignet, and a fôret noire. YUM. I love mission birthdays. 
Okay. That’s pretty much it. I told you… it was kind of a boring week. 
Oh, here’s one more cool thing: They just put up an outdoor ice skating rink in Chalon. It’s super cute and it makes me want to go ice skating… but unfortunately, we are prohibited to do any kind of “winter sport.” Bummer.
Well, I hope everyone has a great week off and a good Thanksgiving! I’ll try to snap some pictures tonight of our Frenchy Thanksgiving. The ward members keep calling us and asking what exactly it is that we eat for Thanksgiving. (Most of the things you can’t buy here). So, most of them just said they would make the most American thing they knew how. That should be interesting. 
Love and miss you all!
Soeur Jones

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