So, this week started out SUPER great! We had our branch Thanksgiving dinner on Monday night! It went SO well. Those Frenchies love them some Thanksgiving. Everyone brought something to share. It was very…. not American. The Millers brought a turkey and mashed potatoes and gravy and everyone kept asking me what the gravy was. I was like, “THIS IS GRAVY PEOPLE!!!! YOU HAVE NO IDEA WHAT YOU’RE MISSING OUT ON!!!!!” They all affirmed afterwards that gravy is heavenly. We had about 11 amis total show up and they all loved it! We made a big paper turkey and everyone wrote on the feathers the things they were grateful for. It was SO much fun! 

On Wednesday, we went with the Millers out to see a less active couple. This is one of the sights we drove by on the way:
Typical french countryside site. No big deal or anything.
Thursday, we had ANOTHER Thanksgiving! This time it was entirely American, because it was at our district meeting! The missionaries from Dijon and Besancon came down to Chalon and we had a Thanksgiving lunch. The Millers made a turkey and mashed potatoes and gravy again. Someone else brought sweet potatoes, we made apple pie. It was just good times all around. I probably ate enough mashed potatoes and gravy for 58 people. 


The spread. Well about half of it. 


The Elders got the wishbone. 

Now to get to the story that explains the subject of my email:
On Friday morning, we went streetboarding, like we do every week. We were in the middle of contacting and this teeny tiny asian man with a cane, a beanie, and women’s sunglasses on walks up to me. I LOVE asians, so of course, I say hi.It went like this:
Me: Bonjour!
TAM (tiny asian man): BONYOUR. (He’s yelling at me in french with a thick Chinese accent)
Me: ça va?
TAM: ka va.     I LUHHH YOU. *SLAP* 
And he slapped me right in the face. Hard. It was hurty. I didn’t know what to do, but my companion had seen it and came running over. 
He turned around to her and said, 
TAM: I want to see you again!   *SLAP* 
Slapped my companion. In the face. 
Then, he grabbed her hand and pulled her towards him and said, pointing to his cheek, 
“BEE-YOOH” Which I think was supposed to mean Bisou. And she said, 
“Je peux pas, je suis missionnaire.” (I can’t kiss you, I’m a missionary). 
Slapped her right in the face AGAIN.
Then he turns around and  *SLAP* backhands me.
Then he walked away. As he’s walking away he says, “Vous êtes jolies et beautéful” A very strange mix between english and french to say that we are very pretty. 
We got slapped by a tiny asian man. Twice. 
In other news, the ville of Chalon just built a giant ice skating rink right in the middle of it! It’s so fun! 
Too bad we are specifically prohibited to participate in any “winter sports”. 
Our investigator Laurent is doing REALLY well! He’s progressing so quickly! Here’s a pic:
That’s our favorite member, Frère DuCoeur. HA. 
There we go. Not so photo-bomb-y. 
Oh also, at fast and testimony meeting at church, one of the members got up and told everyone over the pulpit that I was his favorite missionary in the branch. HA. He’s like an old french grandpa. He said, “J’aime toutes les missionnaires que nous avons ici dans notre branche. Surtout ma petite Texan.” (I love all the missionaries that we have here in the branch, mostly my little Texan.)
Vive la France. 
Soeur Jones

One thought on “Slapped!

  1. Good Morning Little Texan, Monday, December 2, 2013

    Sounds like you had an enjoyable Thanksgiving…as did we…Visited with our kids and grand kids in the Phoenix area…..good time and even better food. Sorry about the slapper….he is obviously a little deranged. Nice of you to “turn the other cheek.” But, perhaps stay at arms length of strangers.

    My lesson yesterday was to encourage my students to endure to the end. Your great grandmother and my mother emphasised the importance of keeping commandments and enduring to the end concerning hard things and times. Read D&C 14:7. The lesson recounted the events of the journey west by the Martin/Willie Handcart Company. The story of their journey west is my favorite pioneer story. Your amis would enjoy it as well. I am also touched by Brigham Young’s promise concerning the sacrifice of the three 18 year old boys.

    Loved seeing the beautiful French Chateau…..keep us informed about the French Christmas traditions….and stay away from those touchy feelie Chinese French Men.

    We send you our love and support,
    Aunt Rebecca and Uncle Chuck

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