A very Chalon Christmas

YES. I am still in Chalon! I will be receiving a new companion here! Her name is Soeur Howden and she’s from South Africa! Cool huh? I’m really happy to be staying in Chalon this transfer and getting to spend Christmas here! The people of Chalon-sur-Saone LOVE them some Christmas. They just finished installing speakers along all of the main roads, so there is Christmas music playing CONSTANTLY all throughout Chalon. It’s the best! Also, we were walking around last night and saw this giant group of people dressed like Santa dancing in the middle of the road. I love France.



So, Thursday, we had the music program in Dijon. It was really super great! There were four Elders, one singer, one pianist, and two violinists. They basically taught one of the missionary discussions in song. They did a really great job! Our investigator Laurent was able to come and he felt the spirit very strongly. 


Elders Heck, Peilstick, Carre, and Leduc


Then all the missionaries sang a song. Child’s Prayer in French. 
Saturday, we had two huge miracles! One: Laurent told us he is looking for another apartment (so he can move out of the one he lives in with his girlfriend). He told us he wants to get baptized in January, so he’s working hard to find a better job and a new apartment. Two: Charlene remade contact with us! Charlene is our investigator who had a baptismal date and then dropped off the face of the planet. She told us that she lost her phone in the South of France somewhere while she was on vacation, and she was just able to get a new one. She wants to start taking the lessons again! Miracles, miracles, miracles. It was a really good way for Soeur Christensen and I to end our transfer together. We worked hard for three months without a ton of visible success, and now everything is falling into place because we never stopped. Heavenly Father is the greatest. 
I will miss Soeur Christensen, but I am excited for this new transfer! Alsoo, those lights behind us spell out chalon sur saone. I’ll try to get a better picture this week!
Yesterday, we had a baptism in the Chalon branch! The first baptism in this branch in a year! The other sisters’ investigator Yves got baptized in Dijon yesterday. The whole branch drove up after church and Yves was so happy and everyone was just thrilled out of their minds about it all. 
This week wasn’t really that interesting, so sorry that this email is so boring. But really, after the story about getting slapped by an Asian, this email was going to be relatively boring anyways. 
I love and miss you all!
Avec amour, 
Soeur Jones

One thought on “A very Chalon Christmas

  1. Dear Souer Jones, Monday, December 9, 2013

    Not much happening in Heber either, except bitter cold, cold, cold……below zero all week….lowest -13. Wearing my trusty cashmere and staying warm. One of our missionaries returned from Mexico recently and spoke on Sunday. Said…..weather never fell below 87 degrees and the humidity was stifling…..never slept in a bed during the entire 2 years….hammock every night. Guess you can get used to anythiing. I’d rather live with the cold than hot, muggy weather. He was filled with the spirit. Almost makes one want to sign up immediately.

    Chuck and I fly to San Antonio on Thursday to drive our 7 month pregnant daughter’s car, 5 year old daughter and her two dogs to Fort Bragg in North Carolina. Karen is flying. Her husband will caravan with us. I am so excited. Twins expected the end of January…..boy and a girl. Pray for us! We will return 7 days later to greet your Big Mama and Daddy for a week of skiing. I know everyone will miss you!

    Chalon looks and sounds like a Christmas happy place. Christmas music in the square sounds delightful. Please mention in one of your weekly posts about the special French Christmas foods.

    We send our love and best wishes to you,
    Uncle Chuck and Aunt Rebecca

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