So, this week was very, very crazy.

Last Monday I picked up my new companion! Soeur Howden is South African, but lived in Utah most of her life, so she doesn’t have a cool accent that I can imitate. Bummer. 
Also last Monday, before I picked up my new companion, I was temporary companions with Soeur Hutchins who shares my obsessive love for everything made out of potatoes. So, for our p-day activity, we went to this restaurant in Chalon where everything is made out of potatoes. Needless to say, it was a really good day. 
Our branch Christmas party was on Saturday. It was a talent show and TOTALLY hilarious. 
The missionaries and our investigator Laurent did a skit narrated by a Soeur in the branch and it was SUPER funny. I wish I had pictures of it, but unfortunately I don’t because I was in it. I played the part of an old grandma. (WHICH I PRACTICALLY AM!)
Elder and Soeur Miller were total champions and sang Silent Night in English and French. 
Then all the missionaries sang Angels We Have Heard on High (which is our mission song).
Our DMB dressed up as Papa NoËl and brought gifts to all the primary children (all one of them:).
Our investigator Adidja came and did an African dance with a bunch of hymn books on her head.
I played a piano piece to fill in some empty space. It was a SUPER great activity:) And we all ate dinner together afterwards! 
My favorite part of dinner was when Soeur DuCoeur came up to me and said, “I tried to make that thing that all American Mormons make.”  And I was like “What thing?” And she said, “You know those potatoes that you put cornflakes on?” And I was like, “OH  Funeral potatoes!” 
Then, about five minutes later, I sit down at the table across from an older man in the branch who was poking at his funeral potatoes and saying, “Americans are so weird. They put cereal on EVERYTHING.”  
So. There you go. We put cereal on everything. Spoken by a French man. 
Our investigators are progressing well. The work is slow during the holidays with many people leaving on vacation for somewhere warm, but we’re working hard and trying to bring some Christmas cheer to these grumpy Frenchies:) (Just kidding, they’re not grumpy… mostly).
Christmas is coming soon! We have a big Christmas conference in Lyon this Wednesday! I’m super excited for it! Also, this Friday I turn twenty. TWENTY. That means that I am OLD.
We already have a ton of things planned for the week of Christmas. Everyone in the branch wants to feed us frog legs and escargot and oysters (the Christmas delicacies here). YIKES!
I am missing everyone like crazy this Christmas season, but I am so grateful to be here and to have the chance to serve the people of Chalon:) 
I miss and love you all!
Soeur Jones

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