Bonne Annee!!

2014. Weird. 

This week was super great! And super weird. At the same time.
Last Monday, the six Chalon missionaries went to a maison de retraite (nursing home) and sang songs. Von Trapp family style. We brought a little keyboard and I played, and Soeur Hutchins played the guitar and we sang various hymns and primary songs. Those Frenchies LOVED it. They were clapping their hands and dancing. It was so great! The director of the home said it was the first time they’d ever done anything like that, and they hope to do it again soon! So. There you go. We’re spreading the love to the elderly Frenchies. We had family home evening at the Miller’s home, and we had TONS of people come! We did a short lesson on goal setting and then had an activity and cake. It went super well! We had about 5 amis there and they loved it! 
On Tuesday night, because it was New Year’s Eve, we had a raclette party at the church. All the people from the branch who don’t have families were invited. We had three raclette grills going and TONS of potatoes and cheese and bacon. It was a SUPER fun time! We even drank some sparkling apple juice at 9:00 to celebrate the new year. 
On New Year’s Day, we traveled out to le Creusot to have lunch with a member couple there. We had the traditional French holiday foods, ie. caviar, mussels, roast turkey, and a bûche cake. Then, because we were feeling in a musical mood, we taught the family the Restoration lesson in song! The wife of the family is less active and gets sort of uncomfortable when we talk about spiritual things, but she LOVES music. So, the four of us sisters picked hymns and children’s songs that corresponded to every point of the first missionary lesson and we sang and had little blurbs in between the songs. And everyone loved it! The husband is in the branch presidency and he talked to the branch president and we are performing it in sacrament meeting next week! I’ll let you know how it goes! 
Speaking of next Sunday, LAURENT IS GETTING BAPTIZED NEXT SUNDAY!!!! We are SO excited and so is he! The branch is traveling up to Dijon after church next Sunday for the baptism. It’s going to be so great! 
On Thursday, we traveled to Dijon for a district meeting. We talked a lot about teaching families, since that is our mission focus for the year 2014. Our goal is for every missionary to baptize a family of four this year. That’ll be a challenge, but everyone is really excited about it because we know that the church in France is in dire need of families. After district meeting, I went on an exchange with Soeur Hutchins and we traveled to a town called Beaune to teach an ami there. It’s a beautiful little ville! 
On Friday, we traveled to Lyon and spent Saturday on exchange with the sister training leaders. I always love getting to go back to Lyon. The exchange was really great and so much fun! Except the end… we got the the gare in Lyon at about 8:00 at night. Our train was supposed to leave at 8:20. Except… our train got canceled. Bummer. So the next train out didn’t get us home until 12:00am and the next train after that didn’t get us home until after church the next day. So we had to take the late train. We didn’t get home until SUPER late. So that was kind of the worst. 
Church yesterday was great! It was the first Sunday of three hour church!  We had a great fast and testimony meeting and then the branch break the fast after church (which is always SUPER yummy). Everyone brought a King’s cake for dessert and we had fun crowning the kings and queens that found the baby Jesus in their piece of cake. 
Then… I sprained my ankle. In the church building. It’s a really lame story, so I’m not going to even bother telling it. But just know that I’m fine. And I can walk. Slowly. So, no worries! 
Sorry I have no pictures this week. I’m the worst. I promise to take some and send them next week! 
Have a great week back to school everyone!
avec amour,
Soeur Jones

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