So. I’m probably going to tell you about this week backwards because the most exciting thing happened yesterday! LAURENT GOT BAPTIZED!!!!!!!!

The whole branch traveled up to Dijon after church and the program was great! I gave the talk about the Holy Ghost, and Laurent bore his testimony and did a great job!
After the baptism, he sent us a text message that said, “JE SUIS MORMOOOOON!!!!” (I am Mormon). 
Now I will put 1,000,000 pictures on here. 
Soeur Howden and Laurent and I. 
CHALON missionaries with Laurent! 
That kid is baptized.
Baptisms are the best! 
Laurent with his best member friend, Frère DuCoeur
Laurent with one of my favorite members, Soeur Perrin. Yes. She is four feet tall. 
Anyways, so everyone in the branch was just super happy and excited to get a young’un. It was a super great day! 
The rest of the week was relatively boring. Except for the day of Epiphany. Which is a huge holiday in France, because almost everyone is Catholic. It’s to celebrate the day the wise men came to Jesus. We have a member who LOVES jokes, so we decided to help her celebrate the Epiphany. 
Yes. We dressed up like men. Wise men. And went to her house bearing gifts. And we made beards and moustaches out of our own hair. Vive la France. 
We also ate a LOT of King’s cake this week. The French eat it to celebrate the Epiphany and Galette de Roi is SOOOO good. I found the baby Jesus once and got to be the Reine. (Queen).
But anyways, as you can see, last week was a really great week. This week is the last week of the transfer!!! Can you believe that? I’m going to be starting transfer 6, which is HALFWAY!! Where has the time gone? 
We will also spend this week planning our branch karaoke/dance party for this saturday:)
Love you all! Have a great week!
Avec amour, 
Soeur Jones

2 thoughts on “LAURENT IS MORMON.

  1. Good Morning Soeur Jones,
    Read both Jan 12 and 13 post…….sounds as though the French are a happy and festive people who love food, music and being together. Congrats on your baptism. The members of Laurent’s ward or branch will have their work cut out for them to fellowship this young man and help him stay active. I know that the Lord is pleased with your service. Much Love, Aunt Rebecca

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