And yes. I’m freaking out.

We got our calls on Friday and President said, ” Soeur Jones, you’re moving. To Concorde (one of the sectors in Toulouse) you’ll be a LOT warmer this winter, so you’re welcome.” And since then I’ve been freaking out and stressing out and trying to fit EVERYTHING into my suitcases to travel ACROSS the country of France. I’ve moved from the very north-east of the mission to the very south-west.

My new companion is Soeur Brimhall. We are the same age in the mission! We are also living with two other sisters, one of which is my trainer Soeur Hills! Also, Soeur Stevens is my new sister training leader! So, we’re all reunited which is really fun!
I was totally DEVASTATED to leave Chalon. I LOVE the people and the branch and everything about Chalon so much, but I’m excited for my new adventure!

Sorry that I’m using so much capitalization. I’m REALLY tired and feeling especially dramatic.

But my last week in Chalon was wonderful. We spent the week getting Laurent prepped to receive the Holy Ghost, which he did this last Sunday! He also was interviewed to receive the Aaronic Priesthood next week!

We also found a really cool new ami last week! His name is Paolo. He’s 25 and Portugese. He has a Catholic background, but decided to meet with us because he is looking for something more. We taught him with our new member, Laurent, and Laurent testified like a champ. We could tell that Paolo really felt the spirit.

On Friday, after receiving transfer calls, I called all of my favorite people in Chalon and made sure to set up appointments with them. I served almost five months in Chalon, long enough for me to get very attached to the area!
 SSCN0699[1] SSCN0698[1] SSCN0697[1]
We had lunch with the DuCoeur family (and Laurent who has been living with them) on Saturday afternoon.
On Saturday evening, we had a branch activity that the missionaries planned. A karaoke dance party! It was SUCH a blast! The perfect ending to my time in Chalon. All the members and amis that I love were there. One of  the members bought a subscription to a french/english karaoke website and we ran it through the TV. It was SO good. Especially since most French people can’t sing:)

Then, it was my last Sunday. It was so sad!
We had dinner at the Landré’s house. And yes. I held their snakes again. And Soeur Landré made my favorite dessert, peach tart with one can of whipped cream on it:)
My parting gift from Frère Landré was a wine tasting cup with the Bourgonion seal on it.
Vive Chalon.

  SSCN0701[1] SSCN0702[1]
Then, we went to the Millers and had root beer floats with REAL American rootbeer from the American store in Lyon. We also played the whipped cream game. It’s the one where you put a dollop of whipped cream in your palm, then hit your arm with your other hand to make the whipped cream fly into the air and try to catch it in your mouth. It’s a traditional game of the France Lyon mission. I’m getting really good. I get it like 4 times out of 5.

This morning, the DuCoeurs came and picked me up to drive Soeur Hutchins and I to the gare (Soeur Hutchins is moving to Lyon) and both the DuCoeurs and Laurent cried cried cried. It was very emotional. They made me promise to write and come back one day and visit them.
The mission is so great in that you meet so many amazing people and come to love them. It’s also the worst because you always have to say goodbye.
 SSCN0704[1] SSCN0703[1]
MAIS TOULOUSE! A big city with a big(ger) ward! I’ve been told that the Concorde ward has about 70 active members and a huge youth program! I’m excited to get to work here!

Have a great week everyone! Pray for my companion and I here in Toulouse!

Avec Amour,

Soeur Jones

2 thoughts on “TOULOUSE!

  1. Hi Jordan, Your story or blog or whatever you call it is darling. You are so like your mother. Lucky you. I love you pictures, except the snakes. I hate them. Sounds like you a terrific missionary. When you really love someone, they feel it and love you right back. That only works if you are darling, personable, dedicated, and an all around fabulous person. This seems to be you. It is so sweet.

  2. Okay the snake was a little freaky! My biggest animal experience while I was a missionary was a big white pet rat that ran up and down our investigators arms and on another occasion, a bird that flew around the room while we taught. I was so afraid it would land on my head. Keep up the good work! You are a trooper!
    Sister Jeanette Taylor

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