The title of this email is “Porting.” Do you want to know why? ‘Cause that was ALL we did this WHOLE week.

I mean, I love porting. You always meet interesting people. But, I’m ready for some investigators to teach! I guess it all comes with time and I’m learning patience. Right? RIGHT? 
But this week was fun quand même! We had dinner with a few cool families in the ward, and we had zone conference on Wednesday!
I LOVE ZONE CONFERENCE. It’s always SO good. This transfer, our zone conference was all about love. How do we have more love for our companions, other missionaries, members, less actives, and our amis? I thought it was interesting that the one thing that Président Roney chose to share with all the missionaries was how to love better. Here are some of my favorite Président Roney quotes from the conference:
“Every element of the gospel hangs on love.”
“Love is to the plan of salvation as oil is to a pickup truck.”
“Families are the perfect place to grow love.”
“Love and faith are the wealth of heaven.”
“That’s what we do as missionaries, we go and create love where there wasn’t love before.” 
The conference was very uplifting and totally got me pumped for the rest of this transfer! 
Also, it’s a mission tradition for sisters to dress matching with their companions at zone conference. Then Président Roney makes us stand up and he says the same thing every time, “Look at those sisters! Elders, why don’t you ever match?” HA. You know. ‘Cause Elders match every day. 
This conference, all four of us roommates decided to match! 
I want to add a picture of us, but this computer is freaking out.
Anyways, on Saturday, we had lunch with the ward mission leader’s family. His wife is from Strasbourg, and she made us a traditional meal of this region: choucroute royale. Aka. Sauerkraut and GIANT sausages.
It was really pretty good. Then she made Forêt noire for dessert (black forest cake).
Frenchies know how to cook. That’s not a myth.
Sorry that this email is so lame. Like I said at the beginning, we did a LOT of porting in different areas of our sector this week.
I hope that I will have more exciting things to write you about next week!
Love and miss you all!
Avec amour,
Soeur Jones

Back to the basics

Bonjour tout le monde! 

This week was really great! This transfer, we really had to start from scratch with no investigators, so we’ve been getting back to the basics to try to build up our teaching pool. That means: LOTS of street contacting, LOTS of door to door, and LOTS of searching out less active members. 
Since our mission focus this year is families, we’ve been trying to take trams/trains out into the smaller villes in our sector, since more families live in these suburbs than in Toulouse itself. We did find a lot of families, but so far, not much success getting a family to teach. 
We also tried a new contacting technique this week where we just get on the metro and ride it all the way to the end, contacting people as it goes (as it is much easier to have conversations on the metro where the people are trapped into talking to you;)) Just kidding. But we did that a couple of times and it was pretty fruitful! We got a few phone numbers and had three or four first lessons this week. The hard thing is, that there are two sectors in Toulouse and ours is the smaller. Most people that we find in Toulouse live in the other sector, so we teach them once, then we have to pass them over to missionaries in the other ward. 
It’s funny how easy street contacting is for me now. At the beginning of my mission, I was always so scared when I had to do street contacting. It’s kinda scary and weird. Like just walking up to random people on the street and starting to talk to them — in French, no less. But now, I just feel like I make friends everywhere I go. And, I spend the whole day talking to people about Christ. Contacting isn’t always necessarily super fruitful, but contacting makes happy missionaries. I always laugh when I think about how, before my mission, I would never talk to the people sitting at the same table in the library as me, or the people sitting next to me on the airplane. Now, I feel like I can just talk to everyone! 
Thursday morning, we had a zone training meeting and talked a lot about families: how to teach them, how to contact them, etc. It was very inspiring, and I’m excited to find some future eternal families! We have our zone conference here in Toulouse on Wednesday this week, so I’m sure we’ll be hearing more about working with families from Président Roney. 
On Thursday evening, we traveled three and a half hours out by train to Bordeaux to go on an exchange with our sister training leaders. I got to spend two days on exchange with Soeur Stevens and we had SUPER fun and SUPER success. It was a good booster weekend! 
On Saturday morning, we had a few extra hours of proselyting time before we were off to visit a member, so I picked a less active off of our ward list to go visit. As we walked towards his home, out of nowhere, it starts POURING rain. And we didn’t have umbrellas. So, we continue walking, getting soaking wet, until we reach this less active man’s home. It says on our ward list that he hasn’t been to church in quite some time and that he has a wife and kids who aren’t members. We ring at his sonnerie, and miracle of miracles, he is there and answers. He lets us in, and proceeds to tell us that sister missionaries should always have umbrellas and what were we thinking? We were able to joke around a bit and meet his mother and one of his sons. We invited him to church and he said, “Of COURSE I’ll be there!” We didn’t think he was very serious. We prayed the WHOLE day long that he and his son would be at church the next day. When we arrived, who else did we see seated in the cultural hall than Frère Bioulet and his son! We were thrilled! It was a HUGE miracle! The ward members were so happy to see him and he went through the day smiling and giving chocolate to all the missionaries. Heavenly Father is the BEST! 
My spiritual thought for today is mostly for my family. It’s a cool quote from President Monson in the April 2013 general conference. He says, “I hope you (missionaries) appreciate the sacrifices which your families so willingly make in order for you to serve. Their labors will sustain you, their faith encourage you, their prayers uphold you and sustain you. A mission is a family affair. Though the expanse of continents or oceans may separate, hearts are as one.” 
I LOVE that! A mission is a family affair. I know I couldn’t do anything that I do without my family’s support and love and prayers behind me. I greatly appreciate the prayers of family and friends. I know your prayers are working, because we are seeing miracles EVERY DAY! So thanks everyone!
sorry for the lack of pictures. It was a busy week. I promise there’ll be some next week! 
Love and miss you all! 
Passez une bonne semaine!
Avec Amour, 
Soeur Jones