The title of this email is “Porting.” Do you want to know why? ‘Cause that was ALL we did this WHOLE week.

I mean, I love porting. You always meet interesting people. But, I’m ready for some investigators to teach! I guess it all comes with time and I’m learning patience. Right? RIGHT? 
But this week was fun quand même! We had dinner with a few cool families in the ward, and we had zone conference on Wednesday!
I LOVE ZONE CONFERENCE. It’s always SO good. This transfer, our zone conference was all about love. How do we have more love for our companions, other missionaries, members, less actives, and our amis? I thought it was interesting that the one thing that Président Roney chose to share with all the missionaries was how to love better. Here are some of my favorite Président Roney quotes from the conference:
“Every element of the gospel hangs on love.”
“Love is to the plan of salvation as oil is to a pickup truck.”
“Families are the perfect place to grow love.”
“Love and faith are the wealth of heaven.”
“That’s what we do as missionaries, we go and create love where there wasn’t love before.” 
The conference was very uplifting and totally got me pumped for the rest of this transfer! 
Also, it’s a mission tradition for sisters to dress matching with their companions at zone conference. Then Président Roney makes us stand up and he says the same thing every time, “Look at those sisters! Elders, why don’t you ever match?” HA. You know. ‘Cause Elders match every day. 
This conference, all four of us roommates decided to match! 
I want to add a picture of us, but this computer is freaking out.
Anyways, on Saturday, we had lunch with the ward mission leader’s family. His wife is from Strasbourg, and she made us a traditional meal of this region: choucroute royale. Aka. Sauerkraut and GIANT sausages.
It was really pretty good. Then she made Forêt noire for dessert (black forest cake).
Frenchies know how to cook. That’s not a myth.
Sorry that this email is so lame. Like I said at the beginning, we did a LOT of porting in different areas of our sector this week.
I hope that I will have more exciting things to write you about next week!
Love and miss you all!
Avec amour,
Soeur Jones

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