The traveling sister

I’m moving. AGAIN! I was only in Toulouse for one transfer! When Président called on Friday, I was sure he would just tell me I was staying here, but alas, NO! I am moving to BORDEAUX!!!! My life is so cool. No big deal. Just moving from Toulouse, France to Bordeaux, France. 

I will be leaving this afternoon! I don’t know much about my new companion, only that everyone tells me we will get along really well! Her name is Sister Mata…. I’m actually not really sure. She’s from Finland, so her name is really hard to spell/pronounce. But she’s been in France for about 5 months and everyone says she’s really loud and fun, so I think we will have a good time together! I’m also really excited to go to Bordeaux! The church is really strong there! There are three wards. I will be serving in the Eysines (A-zine) ward. And Bordeaux is BEAUTIFUL! I’ll be sure to take tons of pictures and send them on! I am, of course, sad to be leaving Toulosue. I really like it here, but I’m excited for another adventure!
But anyways, this week was SUPER great! My new, one week companion, Soeur Loder is SO cool! We got along so well and had so much fun! And we had some really great success this week! We were able to find FOUR new amis!!! This is a big deal everybody. Two are these young men who are from Morocco and best friends. They’re really open and interested in the Book of Mormon. We had a first lesson with them and it went REALLY well! 
The other two are a husband and wife, the Brun family. They are really cool and very spiritual. We did a first lesson with them and they were asking all the right questions and it was just perfect! Soeur Loder and her new companion will go see them again this week! 
We also had our ward missionary activity on Saturday night! It was an international night. We have TONS of members from all around the world, so each different nationality had their own table and brought objects/food from their country of origin and we all shared and played games and it was SO fun! We were in charge of doing the decorations, so we made this sign for the entrance: 


This is Soeur Loder and I standing in front of the sign. (The “Howdy” over there in the corner was put on for my personal pleasure.) 
We also made world flags out of construction paper. 
Of course, I made one of the Texas flag:)
It was a super fun activity and the ward LOVED it! 
It was great, kind of like a last big party before I left. 
Then it was Sunday, and I bore my testimony in church and said goodbye to everyone, members and missionaries. There are so many cool missionaries here in Toulouse! 
The Elders in my district were so sad I was leaving, so they made me a cheesecake!


And I said bye to my new Texan elder friend that I made in Toulouse, Elder Fletcher. His family is from Odessa, so we took the brunt of the many many Texan jokes together. Like, when people always ask us why our belt buckles are so small. 
We went to my favorite member family’s house (the Sordes) last night for dinner. Soeur Sordes made her famous fleur à l’oranger crêpes for us. It was a really great last day. 
I will be getting on a train to Bordeaux in about three hours, so I’m kinda stressing out. But that’s okay. I will let you all know how it goes!
I love and miss you all! I hope you all have a great week!!
Avec amour, 
Soeur Jones

One thought on “The traveling sister

  1. I had a Finnish companion. The Finnish language is not a free flowing singing type language like Swedish and probably French. There are lots of stops. So you can easily pick out a Finnish accent when someone from Finland is speaking another language. I will be interested in seeing if this is the case with you too. Finnish is a difficult language to learn. She will probably know Swedish since they learn that in school too.

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