Ohmygosh. I’m in Bordeaux! Bordeaux is SO beautiful! And there are TONS of people around ALL the time! Also, my companion, Soeur MetsÄtÄhti is SO cool. She’s from Finland and super fun and loud, so obviously, we get along quite well! We had a super great week this week! 



I was sad to say goodbye to Soeur Hills, but she’ll be coming to Bordeaux in two weeks for zone conference!

I got into Bordeaux on Monday evening, so we just went back to the apartment (which is super cute and looks like it should be in an Ikea magazine) and we grocery shopped and tout ça. 
On Tuesday, we had our reunion coordination des missionnaires at our ward mission leader’s house. Our ward mission leader, Frère Tate is American. He and his wife are from Idaho and they’re living here JUST FOR FUN. Fun stuff huh? They’re SUPER cool. 
We also made this paper chain because we’re so excited for our P-day next week! We’re going to Arcachon, which is the biggest sand dune in Europe. It’s supposedly SO beautiful! You should google it. 
On Wednesday, we had a MIRACLE lesson! We were contacting by the river in downtown Bordeaux (super pretty!), and we contacted this French guy, maybe in his late 20’s. We started talking to him and he asked if we had the time right then to tell him a bit about our church. So, we sat down next to the river on a bench and taught the guy about the Restoration. He was like, totally thrilled. He said that he really wanted to be in a church that had the power of God,  like to heal and stuff. We were like, HEY THAT’S US!!! So it was totally amazing, and we’ll be seeing him again this week:)
This is my favorite graffiti that I’ve seen so far in Bordeaux. He’s saying, “CAKE.” 
On Thursday, we went around and visited a few members and less actives. On our way to the first less active’s house, we got off the tram and a man comes running up to us and says; “Excuse me!? Would you happen to have a Book of Mormon with you that I could have?” We were like, “WHAT?” And it turns out that this guy, Luis, had been taught by the missionaries years ago in Paris. When he moved to Bordeaux, he lost contact with the missionaries. About a year ago, he lost his copy of the Livre de Mormon, so he had been looking for the missionaries so that he could get another copy. We gave him a copy, got his number, and set up a rdv for this weekend! 
Then, at the end of the same day, we were on the tram heading towards the Institute and I hear this guy talking on his phone in English. So, when he hung up the phone, I started talking to him in English. It turns out that he is a member from Nigeria! He’s been in France for three years, but his records were never moved over because he was inactive. We made friends with him and got his phone number so that we can start inviting him to church and activities! 
We found this balloon in the street. So we wrote “God loves you!” on it and gave it to a small child. 
On Friday, we were visiting an ami and on the way, ANOTHER man contacted us! (This never happens, so twice in one week was crazy!) He said, “Hello, my name is Papa. I promise this is my name. If you don’t believe me, I’ll show you my ID. (At which point, he showed us his ID. Turns out his name really is Papa.) I am from Senegal. I like talking about God. I’ve seen your missionaries around Bordeaux before and I’d really like to discuss with you. I have some questions about God that I’d like someone to answer. Here is my number, call me next week.” Then he walked away. We were like, freaking out. Ha!
On Saturday, I got to meet our ami with a baptismal date. Her name is Amelie and she is 9 years old, and TOTALLY adorable! Her mother is a less active member, and her father is not a member. Her mom is on her way back into the church and Amelie LOVES primary and wants to get baptized. We started planning her baptismal program for the 12th of April and Amelie was SO excited! 
Sunday was my first day in the Eysines ward. The ward is full of really cool people! I’m really excited to work with them! Then, in the evening, it was one of the Elders in our ward’s 20th birthday, so we went to the Tate’s home and had a surprise birthday party for him! We had cake and it was really fun! 
This week was SO great! I am so grateful to be here in Eysines with Soeur M! We are going to have such a great transfer! 
Love and miss you all!
Avec amour, 
Soeur Jones

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