A castle

Bonjour tout le monde!!!

So, this week started out wonderfully with a trip to a castle.
It was great. Except the castle was SO boring. 
Sometimes, I try to be cultural and broaden my horizons and then I realize that I don’t really have the attention span for that.
Luckily for us, we brought good castle viewing snacks, so all was well.
The castle.
All the sisters in front of the castle. *artsy shot by one of the Elders…
Companion castle selfie!
Our missionary family. Soeur Hills and her three missionary children: Soeur Jensen, me, and Soeur Stevens. 
So anyways, we learned a bit of French history, but our tour guide was a little grumpy and less than thrilled to be leading around a group of 12 19-21 year-old American kids. But it was fun anyways:)
ALSO, it was kind of a funeral, because Soeur Hills is DYING in one week! This is her last week on her mission! Shocking.
We were really sad. But we pretended to smile anyways. 
On Monday night, we had a missionary coordination meeting/ FHE at our ward mission leader’s house. It was really fun! We played the Great Dalmuti and had ice cream sundaes. We have the best DMP and the best district here in Bordeaux! 
On Tuesday, we had a miracle day! We worked really hard and set some really high goals and were able to meet some cool people and really get in to using our questionnaire! 
Thursday, we had a district meeting at the church. Soeur M and I made Pioneer Woman fried rice for everyone and a traditional french apple tart. (Super yummy!) So, that was a good day! 
Then, we got home, and I took off my boots and Soeur M looked at me and said, “Soeur Jones, you really need to throw those tights away.” 
I don’t know what she’s talking about…
We had our weekly planning session, completed, as always by our weekly dose of carambars: 
We have a small jar in our apartment and during the week, we fill it with all the little change we get. Then, we take our jar and dump in on the epicerie counter and ask, “How many carambars can we get with this?” 
Then, Saturday, General Conference began! It’s so fun to watch General Conference as a missionary! We had a small room set up to watch Conference in english and all the missionaries from Bordeaux (about 14 of us) were there the WHOLE weekend. Conference was SO great! I was really touched by many of the talks, just some of the specifics that I liked:
Elder Ballard suggesting that we ALL try to read and study Preach My Gospel. It really is a FANTASTIC guide to the Gospel. I’ve learned SO much through my Preach My Gospel studies. Two transfers ago, President Roney challenged us all to read through PMG like a book in 3 weeks. It stretched us all, but broadened our view of the gospel and provided us with so much inspiration from the Lord. I know it will do the same to each of us that diligently study from it. 
I also loved President Uchtdorf’s talk about having an attitude of gratitude. I know I could definiely work on that one. Often, in missionary work, we pray for blessings, and then once we have them, that’s when we give thanks. I need to be better about giving thanks ALWAYS, not just when we see blessings or miracles. 
Our ami, Raphael, came to the Sunday morning session of conference (which was really Sunday night here) and he really liked it! We are hoping that Conference helped him to grow his faith like it helped us grow ours! 
So, in summary, conference weekend was SO fun! Evidence:
Soeur M and one of our favorite members, Angela. 🙂
I hope everyone had a great Conference weekend!
Love and miss you all!
Avec amour, 
Soeur Jones

One thought on “A castle

  1. Good Afternoon Soeur Jones,
    Been months since last I saw your blog….as always endlessly optimistic and filled with the spirit. I have been blessed as well over the last couple of months. My daughter Karen who lives in North Carolina had twins in February, so I have spent 5 weeks helping her to adjust to the shock of two babies….but sooooooo fun for her family! Spent a week relaxing in LA by the beach and returned home to leave for the baptism of one of my grandchildren in Phoenix. Busy, busy….life goes on here in the states. Catching up today on one of my favorite magazines (Victoria Bliss), I realized it was filled with info and pictures of France….Lyon….Beaujolais….Giverny….and Paris. What a treat! You are living the French life and I am observing it….almost as good. Loved seeing you with your sisters in your cute rolled up jeans. Spring and summer must be fabulous where you are! It has been fun to catch up with you on your blog. You must have had your hump day by now….summer and fall fly. I know you are enjoying the beauty of the country and the people around you. Much love, Aunt Rebecca

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