Bonjour tout le monde,

So, this week was a little crazy. We had zone conference on Monday and p-day on Tuesday. Then, on Wednesday we went on an exchange with the sister training leaders. So, it wasn’t until Thursday that we got back into working in our sector. 
On Thursday, we went and taught english to our friend Corinne, who isn’t a member of the church. And we visited a less active named Bernadette who is from Sri Lanka and really nice. 
On Friday, we had a cool miracle! We had a pretty empty day, so we filled it with lots of contacting and passing by less actives and old amis. It was about 6:00 and we hadn’t had much success the whole day. We were getting kind of discouraged. As we were walking through a big place called La Victoire, an African lady with three children flagged us down. She said, “Sisters, I would like to set up a rendez-vous with you so you can come and teach my family.” WHATT? This seriously NEVER happens. Turns out that her sister is a member of our ward and is currently serving a mission in Côte d’Ivoire. Her sister used to take her daughter to church and her daughter still hadn’t stopped talking about how much she loved primary, so she invited us to come over the VERY NEXT DAY and teach her family! So, that we did! We were able to visit her, sing primary songs with her children aged 6, 5, and 2 and talk a little about what we do as missionaries and how we could help them. They were incredibly nice and were interested in taking the lessons. We will be returning this week to see them again! We are so excited! 
Our ami, Raphael is progressing well! We are excited to have General Conference this weekend, so that we can invite him to come see the prophet speak!  
This week…. I don’t have very good pictures. Just a few random ones: 
Here is our tribute to spring in Bordeaux:
Me spreading weeds all over Bordeaux. It’s okay though. They’re pretty weeds.
And… my companion….
Well, we have a fun p-day planned for today. A bunch of the Bordelais missionaries are going to see a castle not far from Bordeaux! Then, all of the missionaires in my ward are going to have an FHE with our DMP (ward mission leader) because his wife had to fly back to America because her mom is really sick. 
I hope everyone is doing well!!!
Avec amour, 
Soeur Jones

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