Transfer 8

Can you people believe I am on transfer number 8? I can’t believe it! Time has passed so quickly! I feel like it was just yesterday that I arrived in Lyon, and I had no idea what was going on, and I couldn’t understand anyone. Now, it’s transfer 8, and I’m staying in Bordeaux and receiving a new companion named Soeur Cherry from Tennessee! I am so sad that Soeur Metsatahti is leaving me, but she’s not going too far, so I’m sure I’ll see her again!

I’m feeling like this transfer is going to be super great! Soeur M and I worked so hard last transfer, and we’ve worked up a solid group of potential amis. AND Raphael has a new baptismal date for next month, and we’ve recommitted him to searching for his own testimony. We really feel like he will start to progress now! 
So, this week was kind of crazy, as the last weeks of transfers usually are. We started off by traveling to Bayonne for an exchange. Bayonne is a beautiful city near the coast in Basque country. I loved it! Here’s a picture that doesn’t capture the real beauty AT ALL, but it’s not bad:
So that was a fun little trip! Then we spent a lot of our time contacting contacting contacting, using the questionnaire. 
Then, Thursday night, we had a sleep over at Soeur Stevens and Soeur Hulme’s apartment in honor of transfer calls. We made a tartiflette and an apple cake with homeade caramel sauce. And we decorated our planners for the new transfer. We finished the night off with Bible prophecies (a transfer call eve tradition) and then… barely slept at all.
In the morning, we were all freaking out like normal. Luckily for us, Bordeaux is the first ville to get transfer calls, so we heard from President Roney at about 7:15. He told us that Soeur M would be leaving to Carcassonne and Soeur Stevens to Annemasse. We were really sad. We also found out that our district leader, Elder Foote was getting moved to Lyon for his LAST transfer! He asked us to make his LAST planner of his whole mission. This is what we came up with:


That’s Elder Foote on the front and the rest of the district on the back. It’s a joke because Elder Foote never shows any emotion, so he always says, “I am happy” or “I am sad.” Needless to say, he loved it. Now everyone wants us to make their planner. 
Yesterday was a sad day at church. It’s always sad when missionaries leave a ward. But we did all get a good laugh in when, during our investigator’s sunday school class, one of the investigators asked a deep question about the Millenium and our DMP tried to explain it and used this picture:
That’s Heavenly Father and Jesus at the top. And the Earth below… on fire. And then there’s Satan over in the corner…. all bound up. HA. I’m not really sure that she understood the answer. 
Well, I am excited for this upcoming transfer! I am very happy to be staying in Bordeaux, I really love it! Also, my friend Soeur Hutchins is coming to replace Soeur Stevens, so I’m really happy to be serving with her again! I’m going to pick up Soeur Cherry tonight! Wish me luck!
Avec amour,
Soeur Jones

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