Easter in Bordeaux

Bonjour tout le monde!

So, sorry that I lost my camera cord. Luckily, one of the sisters of Talence has the same one as me and so she let me borrow it. So, therefore, late Easter pictures:
Soeur Cherry dying eggs. It didn’t work as well in France… cause white eggs are almost Impossible to find. 
But it was fine. Cause I decorated them up like little zoo animals instead. Sorry that my panda is blue. I got a little crazy. 
This week was really good! We have been really struggling lately to find new investigators, but this week, we found quite a few potentials:)
Here’s my favorite of the potential finding stories:
So, one night, Soeur Cherry and I were walking down a street just outside of Bordeaux, looking for the home of a less active member in our ward. All of a sudden, Soeur Cherry stops and yells, “HEY LOOK!” I walk back over to find her pointing at a Mormon pass along card taped in a random window. The weird thing was, the pass along card wasn’t for Bordeaux, it was for Perigueux (a city pretty far away). So, we decided to knock on the door. And out comes David, a young Cameroonais dad of two little kids. He tells us that he met the Elders from Perigueux in the gare months ago and that they talked for a really long time. When he came back, he stuck the card in his window and forgot about it. (No one is really sure why he put the card in the window, but we were happy about it.) We explained to him that we are missionaries for the same church, but we work here in Bordeaux. He was happy to see us and invited us to come back next week to teach him! We were STOKED! What a miracle!!! 
Another fun story of the week: The mission asked us to take pictures of ourselves working in our sectors again, so here’s me being a missionary:
Then I saw this guy:
He was wearing a beret and a bowtie and painting in the streets of Bordeaux. It was so french, I just had to get a picture of myself talking to this guy. So I walked over and started a conversation with him. He was a really cool french painter man. So that was fun. 
One of my favorite young adults in our ward, Kévin, gave me this giant Kinder egg for Easter. So I was really happy. 
All in all this week went great! We taught the investigator Sunday school class yesterday at church! The topic was fasting (le jeûne in french), so we played Jeûne Jeopardy. Everyone likes it best when we teach (because we’re more fun than the Elders:))
We had zone training last Friday, which is always really fun! I LOVE getting to see my other missionary friends from around the mission! 
ALSO! I got a letter from a family back in Chalon and they were telling me all about how Laurent is progressing. Remember Laurent? He got baptized last January right before I left Chalon? Well, he’s doing great! He was just called to be the Sunday School President! He’s pretty nervous, but he’ll be great! He is also the young adult representative for the Chalon branch in the Lyon stake, so he gets to go to Lyon often and meet with lots of cool young adults there! He’s preparing to go to the temple in Switzerland in a few weeks and he’s done his family history and found about 20 family names to take with him when he goes! He is also earnestly preparing to receive the Melchesidek Priesthood in June AND is planning on putting in his papers soon to serve a mission in January, one year from his baptism:) Obviously, this news made me cry. This is what we’re all working for- kingdom builders. This just goes to show how much the Gospel of Jesus Christ and the Atonement can change lives.
I hope everyone is doing well!
Avec amour, 
Soeur Jones

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