On losing yogurt

This week was TOTALLY crazy! We were in and out of our sector all week and we had a million things going on. Here’s about how it went:

On Monday, we left for an exchange in Toulouse. It was so fun to go back to Toulouse and hear how everything’s going and work in the places that I did when I was there! We were in Toulouse all day Tuesday, and we came back to Bordeaux on Wednesday morning.
Wednesday was a day of MIRACLES! We first had a lesson with a potential investigator named Monsieur Chaire. He’s French, in his early 50’s, and doesn’t believe in God. However, as we taught him about Heavenly Father and Jesus Christ and prayer, the spirit was so strong that he started to cry and told us about how hard the death of his mother and father were for him. It gave us an amazing chance to testify of the Plan of Salvation and that we know, through the saving ordinances of the Church of Jesus Christ of Latter-day Saints, we can live with our families and our Heavenly Father and Jesus Christ again after this life.
Then, later that night we had a lesson with David (the guy from the cool card story)  and his best friend, Robert. We went into David’s house with our favorite member friend, Angela, and we sat down and David said, “Alright. Now I have one VERY important question for you.” Naturally, we began to be a bit nervous about this one very important question. Then he said, “I was born and raised Catholic, but I feel as if there are things that are missing from the Bible- truths that I feel instinctively must be there- but aren’t. Do you think that’s true? If so where can I find the parts that I’m missing?” We were obviously quite thrilled with the chance to talk about the Book of Mormon, Another Testament of Jesus Christ, that, with the Bible, helps us to know the FULNESS of the gospel of Jesus Christ. 
So three new amis! We are so excited to continue teaching them!
Thursday was a national French worker’s holiday, so there were NO buses and NO trams which meant we were stuck out in Merignac where we live ALL DAY. This was kind of terrible because Merignac is a small neighborhood with not many people milling around. So… we ported. A lot. We knocked on so many doors, my knuckles were sore. So that was a little less than fun, but THEN…
Friday was zone conference! I LOVE zone conference! I always feel so spiritually enlightened after hearing from President and Sister Roney. This time, we focused a lot on how we can better work with members and be more organized. So, my life coming up will involve a lot of lists and check boxes. 
Saturday, we had a baptism in our ward! The Elder’s ami, Carine got baptized. Carine is 28 and from Gabon and she’s SO cool! We were so happy for her! 
Sorry that there are no pictures… I’m so lame. But I hope that you all have a great week and a great Mother’s Day! I know I am so excited to get to Skype my family next Sunday! Whoo hoo!
Avec amour, 
Soeur Jones
PS. Here’s a funny story about my life and my inability to handle stressful situations in a dignified manner:
So Soeur Cherry and I went to the store to get some food. And we fit all the food in the shopping bags that we brought… except our yogurt. Our really good french Straciatella yogurt. So I just decided to carry it in my hands.
So we walk out to the bus stop and wait. Then the bus pulls up and Soeur Cherry gets on and I go to get on the bus and I DROP the yogurt on the ground. One of them explodes, sending a yogurt splatter inside the bus. Then the yogurt falls off the curb and slides under the bus. I look down… and it’s pretty dang far under that bus. I didn’t know what to do… so I just froze. The bus driver was looking at me like I had four heads. So I just yelled in English, “Soeur Cherry! I dropped our yogurt under the bus!” At this point, everyone in the bus and on the road is staring at me. Soeur Cherry says, “well. Did you pick it up?” “NO IT’S STUCK!” So Soeur Cherry, being a total champion says to the driver, “Pardon Madame.” and then she crawls under this giant french bus and retrieves our yogurt.
And then everyone thought we were crazy.
The end.

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