It was amazing! Well… I mean I could’ve done without the hours and hours and hours on a bus, but the conference with Elder and Sister Andersen was well worth it!

Sunday night, all the missionaries in the two Bordeaux zones came into Bordeaux. We had all 12 sisters sleeping in one apartment, so that was the start of our adventures. We woke up early to be at the church at 7:30 the next morning. The bus (which was actually really nice) pulled up at 8:00 and we loaded up and headed out.

Then…. I’m not really sure. I blocked the next 10 hours after that out of my mind. But it looked something like this:
It’s a good thing Soeur Cherry and I brought LOADS of candy!

Once we started driving through the Côte d’Azur (French Riviera), the drive was beautiful!!! Cannes, Nice, St Raphael. After the drive, I totally want to get transferred down there!

But we got there eventually-
And we were locked into our hotel rooms for the night.

The next morning, we were up and in the lobby by 7:00. We loaded the bus and headed to the conference center. When we got there, we quietly studied and practiced the musical numbers for the conference.

Just before Elder and Sister Andersen and Elder and Sister Kearon (of the seventy) arrived, about 12 companionships were called out into the hallway. Soeur Cherry and I were one of them. We were standing out in the hallway waiting, and all of a sudden, Elder Andersen arrives! And he’s right there! And he says that he somehow has a connection to all these missionaries he’s pulled out, so he wants to get a picture with them and their companion.
Luckily for me, Soeur Cherry’s grandparents served a mission in Bordeaux when Elder Andersen was the mission president here. So, Soeur Cherry and I got to take a picture with Elder and Sister Andersen! It was so cool! I’m hoping this picture will get to me somehow and I’ll send it on!

Then… the conference was just the greatest! President and Soeur Roney spoke and were great like always! Then the Kearons spoke and talked a lot about how we can fully submit our will to the Father’s to see miracles in our missions. Elder and Sister Andersen spoke about faith and miracles. A long part of Elder Andersen’s message was how to be a good missionary in France. It was great to have his insights because he was a missionary here and a mission president and so he knows exactly what the work is like here. He talked about the reasons he believed the work was progressing so slowly here and then told us to GET OVER IT. He said, “We can baptize more in France.” Then he said, the catch is that we have to stop forgetting that our God is a God of miracles (Moroni 7). It was just really cool and really inspiring.

After the conference, we got back on the bus and started back to Bordeaux. We stopped in Montpellier for the night, and then got back about 3:30 on Wednesday.

On Wednesday, we taught our new ami named Vincent Winston Churchill. He’s from India. And he’s really cool. And very funny. We have high hopes for Vincent Winston Churchill.

On Friday, we visited our less active friend, Bernadette. Bernadette has a giant german shepherd. I am totally scared of him. ‘Cause he’s big and stinky. So every time he comes near me, I say, “help help help!” and Soeur Cherry pulls him off of me. Well, halfway through our lesson on Friday, Soeur Cherry starts whispering, “help help help!” and I look over and the dog is chewing on her arm. And she keeps pushing him off and he keeps coming back and biting her. We were really freaking out. And Bernadette wasn’t doing anything. So we had to end our lesson and leave so that her dog wouldn’t chew off my companion’s arm! Yeesh.

On Saturday, we had a fun night! Earlier in the week, the Chinese Elders in our ward received a call from an American family that was visiting Bordeaux for the week. They wanted to invite us over for dinner! So they invited all 6 of the missionaries from our ward to come over on Saturday night for dinner! We went to the apartment they were renting and we had chili and cornbread (the husband was from Texas). It was really fun to be able to socialize and have fun in English!

Church was great yesterday! Soeur Cherry and I taught Young Women’s. We taught a lesson about how women can use the priesthood. That was a really fun lesson to teach. Then we also taught our Principes de l’Evangile class. We made cookies. That’s why everyone likes it best when we teach.

This week was overall super great!

Oh yeah, also, HAPPY FATHER’S DAY! I have the best dad EVER!

avec amour,

Soeur Jones

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