Transfer 9, Week 1

Email dated June 2nd.

So this week started out a little crazy with transfers. Soeur Hutchin’s companion was coming from Lyon, so didn’t arrive in Bordeaux until Tuesday night. As a result, we had Soeur Hutchins with us in a trio until her companion came. So Tuesday, we went out with all the missionaries in our district and did some streetboarding, which is one of my all time favorite finding activites! 

That night, after our missionary coordination meeting, we left for the train station with the Elders, who were also in a trio with someone waiting for a companion. When we arrived at the gare, the screen showed that their train was going to be THREE hours late. It was scheduled to come in at 8:30, so we knew this three hour delay would pose a bit of a problem with our curfew. So we freaked out. And sat in the gare for three hours. And didn’t get home until 11:30. So that was exhausting.
To make matters worse, the next morning we had to get up early to catch a train to Mont de Marsan, where I finally got my legality turned in! I should be receiving my titre de sejour in a few weeks! 
When we got back to Bordeaux from Mont de Marsan, it was raining (normal Bordeaux weather) and the day wasn’t looking too great for us. However, the Lord blessed us with some cool miracles! 
I had felt impressed the whole transfer to go try to pass by this less active member’s home. We’ve tried several times, but never been able to catch her. We decided to pass by her apartment building this night. When we called her on her sonnerie, she didn’t answer.  We were sad. But we decided to do some porting in her building. We ported the whole building until we finally got to her door. We didn’t think she’d be home, but we knocked on the door and she answered! She was really nice. She introduced us to her non-member husband and two young children. She invited us back! We are so excited to see her again!
Then, on our way back home from visiting this less active lady, we were walking on the sidewalk next to a giant park, when all of a sudden, someone stops us and says, “Are you the Mormon missionaries?” We say yes and this man introduces himself as Pedro. He’s half argentinian half french. He studied with the missionaries in paris for a few months before moving to Bordeaux. He said he wanted to start meeting with us again! We got his number and set a rdv with him for this week! YAY! Pedro! 
On Saturday, we helped out with the stake primary activity that was being held in our building. It was a family activity- all the families of primary aged children in the stake versus each other. They had a million little minute to win it type games set up. It was really fun! And then we had a crepe bar afterwards, so we were happy campers.
Sunday was fun. Here’s the highlight of our Sunday: We taught a lesson to a man from Guadeloupe (sp?). He met us along the riverside. We taught a short lesson on a bench. There were a MILLION people around. At the end of the lesson, he stands up (he is a BIG guy) and he says, “I have a surprise for you sisters!” We were wary… as we should have been. All of a sudden, he starts singing us an operetta in his LOUDEST singing voice. Everyone on the riverside stopped and was staring at us. Soeur Cherry and I were biting our lips trying not to laugh. He finally finished and says simply, “I want to move to America to be a famous singer.” So. That was great.
I love you all! 
I’m not sure when I’ll be able to email next week, as we leave early Monday morning for Nice to see Elder Andersen! YAY! I am so excited! But we’ll be gone from Bordeaux from Monday morning until Wednesday night… so the schedule is still a little iffy. 
I promise to take lots of pictures and share some cool stories from the conference next week!
Happy Summer!
Avec amour, 
Soeur Jones 

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