Transfer 9, Week 4

In addition to Jordan’s regular Monday e-mail, I received a cool e-mail from Neil L. Anderson and he included this picture!! 

Soeur Jones’ e-mail dated June 23, 2014:

Bonjour tout le monde!

This week was slow slow slow.
But it was great!

I think it was slow because we’re still coming down from the Elder Andersen conference high.
But it was great because we are working towards some great goals as a mission that are being accomplished through tons of miracles!

We are continuing to teach our good friend Vincent Winston Churchill. This guy has a LOT of faith. We taught him the Restoration this week with an emphasis on the Priesthood. It went really well and at the end he offered a very sincere prayer asking God if the Book of Mormon was true. We are hoping to see great things from him soon. Surprisingly, teaching in english… is a struggle now. Vincent is very confused by my franglish.

On Friday, I left for an exchange to Agen. Agen is a small town about an hour train ride away from Bordeaux. I was there for two days with Soeur Koyle, who I served with back in Chalon, so it was fun to see her again! We had a lot of fun! We taught quite a few lessons to some really cool people! Being in Agen made me remember how much I love working in small villes.

Saturday was a national French holiday: Fête de la musique. So, the entire city had music groups playing everywhere. There were free concerts in every park and every square. It was so cool! (Of course we didn’t actually listen, but it was a cool thing to see quand même.

Saturday night, we had a ward activity- barbecue dance party. WHOOP WHOOP! We’re talking Tahitian barbecue. And old French people dancing. So obviously, it was a good time.

So, in our mission, last transfer, we set a mission goal to have a mission wide baptism on July 5th. I think I wrote a little bit about this goal just after we fixed it. UPDATE: As a mission, we currently have around 100 people scheduled for baptisms on July 5th. This is AMAZING. This would double our baptisms for the year! We are so excited for this day. We will be having a baptism in the Eysines ward. The Elder’s ami, Stephane, is going to be baptized and he’s SO great! We are stoked!

The Lord is blessing the France Lyon mission in so many ways right now! I am so blessed to be here during this time of growth for the church in France!

I love you all! Have a great week!
Avec amour,

Soeur Jones

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