Transfer 10, Montpellier STL

Bonjour tout le monde!

This week I GOT TRANSFERED! I am here in Montpellier as we speak! Montpellier is down by the coast in the south. I hear it is VERY hot here… so we’ll see how that goes. Everyone keeps telling me, “It’ll be fine. You’re from Texas!” And I keep saying, “Yes, but we have AIR CONDITIONING there!” Pray for me.

I am also becoming an STL. A sister training leader. I am very nervous about this. This means that I will be over all the sisters in the south east part of the mission. Yikes! When Président told me I was the new STL I said, (very tactfully): “ARE YOU CRAZY???!!!!” So, I’ve been stressing about it since then. Yeesh.

Sorry to everyone who is waiting for pictures! I have a TON from my last week in Bordeaux, but like a dummy, I packed my camera cord and I feel wary about unpacking my suitcase in the middle of this creepy internet café. So, I will send DOUBLE pictures next week!

The last week in Bordeaux was great! We received our transfer calls on Tuesday morning, so I’ve spent most of the week stressing about the move and the change and everything. And packing. I HATE packing. My suitcases probably weighed about 100 pounds each, but I made everything fit, so I was happy. However, the Elders who had to haul my suitcases on and off trains all day were NOT.

We started off last week with a Fourth of July party! We had all the missionaries and the Tates there with us. We had chicken and potatoes and watermelon and corn on the cob and apple pie. It was American goodness all over the place! It was lots of fun!

On Friday night, Stéphane threw us (all the missionaries in Eysines) a party to celebrate his baptism. We all had dinner together and it was a really good time!

But really, the most exciting part of the week was Stéphane’s baptism. We had a mission goal to have as many baptisms as possible on July 5th at 6:30pm. We had 22!!!!! 22 baptisms on one day! This was EXTREMELY exciting for all of us in the France Lyon mission! Stéphane’s baptism was really special. He was SO happy. He bore an amazing testimony in sacrament meeting yesterday. We are all so proud of him!

So I spent a great last week in Bordeaux, and here I am now in Montpellier with my new companion, Soeur O’Connor, who is from Tahiti! I’m super excited about this because it will push me to speak French more often! This transfer should be GREAT! I am so excited/stressed about it!

I will give you all the Montpellier details next week!

Avec amour,

Soeur Jones