French Hospitals

[E-mail dated July 28th. Jordan was in hospital on July 21st (which would have been her last p-day).]

Well folks,
This last week has been a bit rough to say the least.
Due to an unknown source, I contracted an infection in my foot that spread throughout my entire leg. I will now recount to you the adventures of the French medical system:

Friday morning I woke up with terrible pain in my foot and the lymph node in my hip. And a 104 fever. And nausea. It was just all around pretty terrible. Then my foot started swelling up like a rugby ball and it was REALLY red, so the mission nurse advised us to go to the emergency room. Which we did…

I layed on a stretcher in a hospital gown for 7 hours before being brought in to see a doctor. And then the doctor diagnosed it as an infection of the skin and gave me some antibiotics. We got home about 3 in the morning, but overall we were just relieved that it was over and seemingly going to be fine.

Then on Saturday, the redness of the infection started climbing up my leg, up to my knee. So, we called a doctor that visits your home at like midnight. He came and said, “Those antibiotics you’re taking aren’t strong enough!” So he gave me some new ones.

So we went to search these new antibiotics and when we got to the pharmacie, they told us that both of these new antibiotics DON’T EXIST. What?

By then, the redness was up to my thigh, so we went back to the emergency room. Five hours later, after lots of screaming and complaining by me and the mission president and the church medical director for the area of Europe, they hospitalized me and put me on an IV of antibiotics.

Then, long story short, I spent four days in the hospital with an 88 year old woman named Jeanne who called me Joanna. It was pretty lame. Now, I’m working on recovering (but there doesn’t seem to be much time to do that.)

So there it is. I’m so tough now.

Because of the hospital situation, Soeur O’Connor and I missed our zone conference, so we traveled up to Avignon to go to another on Saturday. It was a great conference! When President Roney got up to speak, he said, “Soeur Jones. Stand up.” So I stood up and he said, “Soeur Jones was in the hospital for four days with an infection in her leg. Okay, you can sit down now.” Thanks President.

During the conference, we talked a lot about faith and trusting the Lord. We also talked a lot about how missionary work is hard. If it was easy, it wouldn’t be fair to us, because we need to fight through trials to become true disciples of Christ. That’s kind of a cool thought. I was kind of hoping these trials wouldn’t come in the form of a deadly leg infection while in a foreign country, but hey, the Lord knows what He’s doing.

I’ve really learned to trust the Lord on my mission. Luckily, because this last week required a lot of trust on my part. It was kinda scary and horrible. However, I had several blessings and each of them reminded me to rely on the Lord in my trials as I do when everything is going well. I was thankful for this reminder. “Two people can do anything as long as one of them is the Lord.” (I think this quote comes from a Neil L. Andersen talk?)

Well, I was really hoping to upload some pictures, but the computers in this internet café are the WORST.

Have a great week everyone!

Avec amour,

Soeur Jones


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