[E-mail from July 14, 2014}

Bonjour tout le monde!

I… am… so… TIRED.
I’ve never been more tired in my life.
The work is HOPPING in Montpellier, so we are constantly running around like chickens with our heads cut off.
We’re busier than a one-armed paper hanger.

So, I’m like… kind of unpacked. And I found my camera cord and I brought it… but this computer won’t let me upload pictures. So I switched computers and this one won’t let me either….. This is a bummer. And no one is helpful here. Sorry folks.

Well, today is Bastille Day (the national holiday for France)! Duh duh duh duhhhh!!!! So… everything is closed. We were lucky the internet café is open. But, as a present from President Roney for our 22 baptisms last week, we get to stay out until midnight tonight to watch the fireworks! (And then sleep in tomorrow morning). So, we are going down to the seaside with some members and amis to watch them! I’m super excited!

This week was so crazy! We had about 55000000 lessons and planned about 29281782 exchanges. Turns out that with all of our exchanges, Soeur O’Connor and I will be together in Montpellier only about two days a week. But that’s okay, because we’ll be traveling to lots of cool places (Carcassone, Toulouse, Nice, ect.) and working with lots of great sisters! I have a feeling that this transfer will FLY by.

We have some really great people that we’re teaching here! In Montpellier, the ward is GREAT! They LOVE missionaries and they all do missionary work all the time! Both of our recent converts, and all of our current amis have come as referrals from members! Montpellier is living proof that members and missionaries working together IS the best way to hasten the Lord’s work.

We have a really great recent convert here named Francine. She’s from Togo. We went to her house, because we are teaching her husband, Guy, and her friend, Marina. She asked us to stay for lunch and offered to make us some traditional African food. I’ve eaten African food lots of times, but this time, we got to see how it was made (which was both cool and scary.) She made us foufou- it’s like this potato mixture that has the consistency of chewing gum. You eat it dipped in like a fish sauce or something like that. She made the foufou and then put it in a BIG wooden bowl. Then she put the wooden bowl on the ground and started WHACKING it with a giant wooden stick. It was cool. And frightening.

This week we will have exchanges with sisters from Carcassone and Peripignan. We have zone training this Saturday. We are also traveling to Lyon for mission leadership council (known by missionaries as: The Jedi Coucil), so it’ll be an exciting week!

Wish us luck!

I love and miss you all!

Avec amour,

Soeur Jones


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