[E-mail dated August 4, 2014. Note: MORT means ‘dead.’ I told Jordan never to e-mail that to her mother EVER AGAIN. Particularly after a four day hospital stay.]

I have probably never been so tired in my whole life. But it’s that kind of tired that feels really good at the end of the day, so I’m okay with it.

This week was a whirlwind. On Monday night, the Toulouse sisters came in for an exchange. I got to work with Soeur Bardsley, who is brand new in our mission! It was really fun! We had some great lessons with some less active women that we are working with who are really starting to progress.

On Wednesday morning, the Toulouse sisters left, and in the afternoon, we hopped on a train to go to Nice. I know right? NICE. My mission is so cool. I did an exchange with Soeur Johnson, my MTC companion! It was the first time I’ve seen her since the beginning of our missions! It was really funny, because we taught a lesson together and it went SUPER well! Then, we thought back to the first lesson we taught in the MTC in French, which was a total TRAIN WRECK. And we were like, “YAY! We’ve progressed!” Nice was beautiful, of course. I took some pictures, but I can’t get these danged computers to upload my photos….

On Friday, we came back from Nice (a 6 HOUR train ride… the worst) and in the evening, the sisters from Carcassone came for an exchange. I was with another of my old companions, Soeur Metsatahti. We had SO much fun! I have really missed her! We went out contacting with Fany, our recent convert and it was so cool! Fany is probably the coolest person ever! She was just walking up to random people in the streets and telling them that the church is true and that they should read the Book of Mormon.

We had a cool miracle on Satuday. Soeur Metsatahti and I were on our way to see a less active woman from Peru who recently moved to Montpellier. We were discussing what we thought would help her the most to feel the spirit again. We were like, missionary work! We totally should ask her to teach with us!
Anyways, we started contacting on the road coming up to her apartment building and we contacted into this guy named Michael. We did the questionnaire with him and he was super nice and really interested! We were able to teach him briefly about prophets and get his phone number. At the end of the contact, I asked where he was from (cause he had a slight spanish accent) and he said, “Peru!” WE were like NO WAY!!!! We are on our way to see a member of our church right now who is from Peru! And then he was super excited and he was like, “I’ve never met anyone from Peru since I’ve been in France(like 12 years)I would love to meet them!”

Miracle: We will see Michael with our less active member from Peru.

Take that Satan!

We also had a super cool FHE with our favorite members, the Clarks, and our ami Elodie! The Clarks have been really great in helping integrate our investigators into the ward. Then after the lesson, the Clarks found my mission call opening video on Youtube. And we watched it. And it was super WEIRD. I was really chubby. How come no one told me? Seems like it was a lifetime ago!

Well, we are off for a district picnic/game day!

HAve a great week tout le monde!

Avec amour,

Soeur Jones


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