The Circle of Life

Well folks, I’m back in Lyon.

People always told me there was a Circle of Life in the mission. I didn’t believe them until President called on Friday and said, “Soeur Jones, we’re bringing you back to Lyon so we can keep an eye on your health. Also so you can baptize lots of people.” I was like…. “okay.”

So here I am. Back in Lyon. Sitting in the same internet café where I came on the first Monday of my mission, over a year ago. Weird.

I’ll be serving in the Val de Saône ward. After I left Ecully, the ward split. Val de Saône is the new ward that was created. So there will be lots of families that I know in the ward. There will be lots of people who probably tried to come and talk to me and I looked at them and didn’t understand anything and said, “oui. merci.”
So, this’ll be fun:)

This last week was pretty crazy. We had two exchanges, with the sisters from Nice and from Peripignan.


 I have the most beautiful mission. Sorry everyone else.

Then we got transfer calls and realized that our equipe was getting white washed (two new sisters), so we spent the entire weekend writing down everything about Montpellier and the members and less actives and amis and our sisters. And it was total crazy town.
But on Sunday, we took a break and went and had lunch with Fany and Bruno and their kids.

And they did my hair.Jordanhair

All at the same time. hehe.
My new companion is Soeur Frandsen. She’s great! She’s from Colorado Springs and in her third transfer of the mission. hehe. I just sneaked a peek at her screen and saw her writing in her email: “My new companion is Soeur Jones. She’s very outgoing and loud.” Well folks. There it is.
I think this transfer will be great. I have high hopes.
Bonne semaine tout le monde!
Avec amour,
Soeur Jones












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