20 lessons

Bonjour tout le monde!

This week was exceptionally busy, but it was GREAT!
President Roney has launched a new challenge to the mission- 20 lessons a week. This is… hard. But so cool! I’m so excited about it! Last week, Soeur Frandsen and I set a goal to teach 15 lessons. (We’re working our way up.) And we worked really hard. And we prayed a lot. And we laughed out loud fairly often. And we taught 11 lessons. This is… not 15, but still REALLY exciting! This doubled our amount of lessons taught the week before! Just goes to show what a goal, some hard work, and a lot of prayer can do for you! 
On Tuesday night, we had a really fun dinner with a family from the Ecully ward that I worked a lot with last year. Soeur Stevens and I got really close with them, so when they found out I was back, they were so happy and invited us over for dinner! It was so much fun! I recounted to them the story of my foot problems, and they offered to take us to my doctor’s appointment on Wednesday. And they said if they don’t fix it, they will yell at the doctors. So, I feel hopeful about this one! 
Mostly we spent our time running around like mad women trying to teach 15 lessons. We saw a lot of cool miracles! We started teaching the best friend of our recent convert, Diogene. His name is Dan. He is a member of the Baptist church, but he is interested in the gospel and in reading the Book of Mormon. He came to church yesterday and he liked it! We are excited to keep working with him. It’s incredible how fast missionary work moves with people that already have friends in the ward who are with them to help them! We were also able to start working with the friend of another member named Edith. She’s really cool and has 3 adorable children! She came to church with her friend yesterday and loved it! We are going to have a FHE with her and the member family this week! 
Here’s another miracle:
On Friday night, we were doing our planning for Satuday and I had the distinct feeling to go an try to pass a referral that we received through the church website. We had already passed by once and called a couple of times without hearing anything back, so we figured he wasn’t interested. But, I felt like we should go, so we planned to go out to his home on Saturday afternoon. As Saturday progressed, I started questionning if we really had time to go all the way out there. We almost wrote it off, but the feeling returned that we should go pass him. So we went. We arrived at his apartment building, and I called his sonnerie, but no one answered. LAME. So we prayed for a miracle, and I sonned a second time. AND HE ANSWERED! He opened the door and we went up.
It was a little FAMILY! A french guy, his wife, and a little kid. AWWW. They met the missionaries in the north of France, but then they moved and lost contact with the missionaries. They then decided they wanted to see us again, so they referred themselves through the church website. He said, “It’s really lucky that you passed by today, because we are leaving tomorrow for Russia. We’ll be there for about a month. If you would’ve come one day later, you would’ve missed us!” Of course, we knew it wasn’t luck— it was the SPIRIT that told us to come! We will be getting back into contact with them when they get home! 
Yesterday at church, we got to teach the sunbeams at church. THEY ARE SO CUTE. We taught a lesson called: I am thankful for food. Yeah right? Perfect lesson for me. At one point, I asked, “Who should we thank for the food that we eat?” And one of the little girls stands up and yells, “PERE NOEL (Santa!!!!!)” I was like… “uh… no.” but it was so CUTE! 
Anyways, we are stretching ourselves again this week with a goal to teach 17 lessons! Pray for us and our goal!
Picture of the week: 
When the week gets tough… the tough buy diet coke. 
Have a great week! I hope everyone’s first week back at school was great!
Avec amour,
Soeur Jones



One thought on “20 lessons

  1. Dear Soeur Jones,
    Sounds as though you are well and trudging through the vineyard. Happy that the spirit has found a listening heart. If you have a way of contacting the family going to Russia, I have friends who are senior missionaries in the Moscow Mission…..Shirley and Paul Millar…she is an x teacher and he played for BYU in his youth. They work with the missionaries and with youth learning English and taking classes online. Russia Moscow Mission…Muravskaya St, lD…..Floor 3…Moscow 125310…Russia http://www.millarmission.blogspot.com. Longshot, but who knows.
    Hope you have a great week and are able to teach 21 lessons. Much Love, Aunt Rebecca

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