All clear on the foot front!

Bonjour tout le monde!

This last week was BUSY BUSY BUSY.
We started off the week with an exchange with the Ecully sisters, which was fun! We went and visited multiple less active members and members who remembered me! Every time someone remembers me, I about die of happiness. 
On Wednesday morning, I had my appointment with the vascular doctor. I was a little nervous, but my favorite members from Lyon drove me to the appointment, and the sister went in with me to see the doctor.  This was actually extremely helpful because they yelled at the doctor like good worried parents would. I got an ultrasound of both legs and feet and the doctor assured me that the residue swelling is not a problem with my veins or arteries, so it must just be left over from the infection. So, he gave me the all clear! I’m thrilled. 
This is a picture of me and Soeur Luthi (I served with her in Bordeaux) with the Pascauds, the couple that took me to the doctor. They are really wonderful and take really good care of us! 
We taught a lot of lessons this week, we didn’t quite make our goal of 17 lessons, but we felt really good about this week! We have lots of really cool potential amis. 
We had a special finding day with the Paris mission. On Friday, our goal, as the two French missions, was to find 1000 new people to teach in one day. So, from 9:00am to 9:00pm, we focused on finding and prayed all together every half hour. Our mission found 323 new people to teach (3 of which were from our equipe:)) and the Paris mission found 111. We didn’t quite hit 1000, but we saw how working for that goal produced TONS of miracles! 
Soeur Frandsen and I created a new mission for our equipe. President has been encouraging us to try to further out family neighborhoods and knock doors. So, we started Operation: la branche de mont d’or. Mont D’or is an area with about 9 different family neighboorhoods about a 20 minute bus ride from Lyon. We decided we were going to create a branch in the Mont D’Or area:) So, we’ve been spending our free nights porting in these neighborhoods looking for branch presidents, relief society presidents, primary presidents, youth leaders, ect. On Saturday night, we went to St. Cyr au Mont D’Or and ported for about an hour and a half. We weren’t having much luck, when we knocked on a door and a middle aged man came out. We started talking to him and he expressed interest, but said he couldn’t invite us in that night because it was family movie night and his kids would be sad. So, we gave him our number and he said he’d call us. We continued walking down the street when all of a sudden we heard someone yell, “Attendez!!!” (Wait!) We turned around and it was this man running after us. When he finally reached us, he said, “Wait! I have a question. Why are you the “Latter-day Saints?” So, we were able to take the extra time to talk a little more in depth about the restoration. It was so cool and he promised to call us soon! We found our branch president! HA:)
We are looking forward to another great week! We have zone conference on Friday, and Soeur Hutchins and her companion are coming to stay with us on Thursday, so I’m excited! 
Have a great week everyone!
Avec amour,
Soeur Jones

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