“She walked not in the borrowed light of others”

Bonjour tout le monde!

So this week was totally CRAZY TOWN.

We were so busy and running all over the place all week!

Last pday, we had a fun group missionary activity. All the missionaries in Lyon went to Parc de la Tête D’or and we played football and soccer. It was super fun!

Tuesday night, there was a women’s conference for the Europe area where the area presidency and their wives along with Elders Bednar and Ballard spoke to the women of Europe. It was SUCH a great conference! One of the women shared a quote that I really liked. It was said of Eliza R. Snow after her death, “She walked not in the borrowed light of others, but faced the morning, uninvincible and unafraid.” This was the theme of the talk and she spoke about how to become this kind of woman. It was really inspiring. I enjoyed the conference a lot. I’m not sure if it’s online, but if it is, you should all watch it!

We worked a lot with recent converts and less actives this week. We have three recent converts that we are working with: Diogene, Sika, and Nicole. Diogene was baptized most recently. He’s 18 and from the Congo. And he’s awesome! He loves missionary work and even went contacting with us this week! He plans on putting in his papers as soon as he can!

We worked with a lot of less actives that I really love, including Soeur Theroomy, a woman from Malaysia. She’s wonderful and she makes REALLY good Malaysian curries every time that we come. We love talking to her, because she’s a huge traveller, so she tells us stories about her visits to all different parts of the world.

Friday, we had zone conference. It was a big zone conference of four zones: Ecully, Lyon, Aix en Provence, and Nice. Which means….
We asked President if we could be companions for our last transfer and he said that while that would be really fun, we would probably hurt someone. Including ourselves. I’m taking that as a yes. I guess we’ll see next week!

Our zone conference was great! Elder Ballard came to Geneva and spoke to our mission, and we were able to watch a rebroadcast of it. He talked a lot about knowing the doctrine better and being sure to study it and feel confident teaching it simply. He left a blessing on our mission that as we studied Preach my Gospel, our teaching would be better and more powerful. We are working hard to merit this blessing!

In other news…


There are lots of spiders in our apartment building…. really really big ones….

But it’s fine, because we just buy SSCN2513[1]
Ice cream from sit down ice cream restaurants to make up for it.

So, all is well. Our lessons with Diogene’s best friend Dan are going pretty well! He’s been at church the last three weeks in a row.  He just needs to get serious about reading the Book of Mormon and praying.

We are leaving tonight for an exchange with the sisters in Saint Etienne! Should be fun!

I miss and love you all!

Avec amour,

Soeur Jones

One thought on ““She walked not in the borrowed light of others”

  1. Loved the statement made by Eliza R. Snow……I face no obstacles in life,except those erected by myself. I know that I should stand firmly, face forward and attend the temple more often, work on temple ordinances for my kindred dead, and do more fellowshipping with the new members of my ward. I am inclined to think that I am doing all that I need to do when in fact I am rationalizing. Thanks for that kick in the pants. Sounds like you are finishing up firmly facing forward to the work. Our Prayers are with You, Aunt Rebecca and Uncle Chuck

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