Chalon chalon chalon


I love Chalon Sur Saône so much. As I’ve been getting back into contact with the members of the branch and old investigators this week, I’ve felt SO much love! I am so blessed to be back in Chalon for my last transfer.

Unfortunately, we were rarely in Chalon this week. We were in and out of Lyon every other day! Wednesday morning, we got a call from the office saying, “WHERE ARE YOU?” I said, “Uh… we’re in Chalon…” They said, “You are supposed to be in here in an hour and a half for Soeur Andreasen’s legality appointment!” This is grave because legality appointments CANNOT be missed… or the governement gets mad at the mission. However, we had never received any tickets or notification that we were supposed to go that week. So, the office told us there was a train in 15 minutes that could MAYBE get us there on time. So, we RAN out of the house and SPRINTED to the gare and we caught the train. And made it to Lyon. And were only 16 seconds late for her appointment. We were pretty proud of ourselves. So, we spent a surprise Wednesday in Lyon.

Then we were back in Lyon on Friday for Blue’s Conference. It was super fun! Soeur Andreasen got to reunite with all of her blue friends and I got to see lots of cool missionaries that I know from all over the mission! We spent time being taught about the important principles that trainers teach in the first 12 weeks and did LOTS of awkward role plays. It was great!

And the time we were in Chalon was even BETTER! I’ve been so thrilled walking around and realizing that Eric the street cleaner and the guy with the big moustache that works in the kebab shop still remember who I am. It’s super fun. Chalon is blowing up with missionary work too! We have LOTS of amis and less actives we are working with. Sometimes I wonder how we’re going to fit it all in in a week!

ALSO, we had General Conference. Which was really just the best. Apart from the serious technical difficulties. The church had a hard time getting conference on the Internet in different languages, so on Sunday, we were only able to access conference in English… So. I had to translate. Conference. I never noticed before, but those guys use lots of big words that I don’t know how to translate in French. But I did the best I could and I think everyone caught the drift. I felt so uplifted by conference! I loved the emphasis on personal revelation and introspection. WE ARE SO LUCKY to have a living prophet and apostles on the earth today and to have the opportunity to listen to them share the will of God for us!

We are looking forward to another VERY busy but VERY great week here in Chalon! Hope everyone else’s weeks are equally as great! If you didn’t get a chance to watch all the sessions of conference, you totally should find some time to do it this week! They were all SO great!

Avec amour,

Soeur Jones

Sorry about the total lack of photos. I’ll repent and do better next week.

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