Chalon, week 2

Bonjour tout le monde!

Well. We spent this week running around like crazy hooligans because we have SO much to do.

I feel like we spend our whole lives on trains.

We’ve been taking the train out to Beaune, a small ville about 25 minutes from Chalon, twice a week to visit our recent convert, Alain, and his next door neighbor (who is a member), Soeur Ziveri. Going to Soeur Ziveri’s to teach Alain is always fun because Soeur Ziveri’s apartment is like a boarding house. There’s always new and random people living there. Also, she has 8 cats. Less fun, but equally as entertaining. However, Alain is doing great! He loves the gospel and is preparing to receive the Aaronic Priesthood. Yay! Take that Satan.

We were also on the train to Lyon again this week, going to zone training. Zone training was AWESOME! One of the best I’ve had my whole mission! So, a few weeks ago, President Roney, in the mission newsletter, told us that he had been inspired recently by the story of the Title of Liberty. So, in his attempt to be all Captain Moroni like, he rent one of his white missionary shirts and wrote on it:

In memory of our God, our religion, our mission, our pleasantries, our homes, and our families (present and future). REMEMBER. Trust in God continually. France Lyon Mission.

And then he signed it. And called it the Title of Baptistry. And then he invited us all to do it too! So, in our zone, we all made titles of baptistry. And we talked about sacrifice. It was a touching meeting and I had the opportunity to do a musical number with another sister in the zone. We performed “Come Unto Christ”, the youth theme music for this year. It was really fun!

On Saturday morning, we had a fun young adult activity that we planned. We had planned on going out and playing football, (as in soccer….) but it was raining (it’s been exceptionally rainy here lately), so we had an indoor game day with Laurent and his sister and some other JA’s from the branch. It was super fun!

It was fun going to church yesterday. Because of General Conference, we didn’t have normal church last week, so this was the first week that I finally got to see everyone. The sister missionaries are now the young women’s presidents of the branch, so Soeur Andreasen and I get to teach our one young woman every Sunday, which is good times. I’ve been reading through the new youth manual and I think it’s so great! But it was fun to be back. It was just like coming back to my home ward. I’m pretty sure some of the older members didn’t think that I ever left…

This week is looking to be a super busy week as well. Wish us luck!!! (Especially with our 20 lessons!)

Avec amour,

Soeur Jones


One thought on “Chalon, week 2

  1. Good Morning Soeur Jones
    Life sounds good! You sound happy, enthusiastic….like to could keep on keeping on for another 6 months. I know President Rony will be sorry for you to leave his mission. All leaders depend upon their positive, forward thinking and happy charges to help them move along the work and their vision. It is nice to know that you are finishing strong.

    Best Wishes for the 20 Lessons…..
    Much Love Aunt Rebecca

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