Two weeks to go . . .

Bonjour tout le monde!

This week was really GREAT!

We were so busy and running from one end of Chalon to Lyon to Beaune to Le Creusot. We did a LOT of traveling this week.  And it looks like this next week should be similar.

We went up to the zone pday activity last Monday and it was fun! Everyone loved the cookies. I didn’t even get a chance to snap a picture before all 99 of them were gone! After decorating the cookies, we played a bunch of group games, our favorite of which was Lougarou (Werewolf). You know that one game that’s like murder in the dark, but there are villagers and werewolves and seers and witches and stuff? That’s the one. We played about three rounds of it and all twenty of us were practically in tears from laughing so hard! It was a great, relaxing, fun pday.

The next day, we stayed in Lyon for an exchange with the Portes des Alpes sisters. While I was there, I ran into Dan! Do y’all remember Dan? Our engagée from Val de Saône? I was so happy to see him. I talked to him a bit and he’ll be getting baptized this Saturday! How great is that? He said he’s really been reading the Livre de Mormon and has been gaining a firm testimony of the restored gospel. I am so happy for him!

Wednesday, we were back in Chalon and we got to teach english class again. I LOVE teaching english class. It’s so fun! This last week, we taught them the song Supercalifragilisticexpialidocious. It was HILARIOUS.

Thursday, we were back in Lyon for district meeting which was great! Then that night, we took the train to Beaune to teach our recent convert, Alain, who is doing GREAT! And he always makes us chocolate mousse when we come over. Yum!

On Saturday, we had a small geneaology party at the church. Laurent came (who is now an avid geneaologist) and he helped our friend Madame Fistarol work on her geneaology. Want to hear a cool story? So, Mme Fistarol has Italian ancestors from a little ville called Termini Imerese in Sicily. Well, just before going to help her, we were watching a movie called “How Rare a Possession” about the Book of Mormon and this guy in Italy who was one of the first converts there. And he was baptized in Termini Imerese!!! What are the odds? Mme Fistarol’s ancestors probably knew Vincenzo di Francesca. Maybe he talked with them about the church. When we recounted this story to Mme Fistarol, she wasn’t nearly as excited as we were, but she agreed that it was a very cool “coincidence”.

Yesterday was stake conference. Luckily, we were actually able to get it shown at the Chalon building for the first time thanks to the Millers! So, we watched conference there and it was so great! We had lots of great speakers. Our stake president launched a challenge to all the members to, this year, focus on Elder Ballard’s challenges: Study Preach My Gospel, prepare one name to take to the temple, and invite someone once a trimester to take the missionary lessons. They gave every member of the stake a little satchet with one yellow stone, one blue stone, and 4 red stones in it.  The yellow stone represents PMG, the blue stone represents the name prepared for the temple, and the red stones represent 4 friends invited to take the discussions. They placed three jars in each church building. Whenever a member meets one of these challenges, they place their stone in the jar. Next year at stake conference, they will collect all the jars and we will see how much we were able to do as the Lyon stake towards meeting Elder Ballard’s challenges. It was a really cool and motivating idea! We in the Chalon branch are excited to get started! We know that Elder Ballard is an apostle of the Lord and that if we follow his counsels, we will be blessed!

This week is Halloween! The frenchies aren’t much for Halloween, but I’m trying to drum us up a Halloween activity anyways.

We will be traveling to Lyon this week for zone conference with Elder Kearon of the seventy! We are so excited to have him and his wife coming to speak to us. It should be pretty cool! Stay tuned!

Have a good week!

Avec amour,

Soeur Jones

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