UH . . . one week?

Bonjour tout le monde!

I’m so confused. How the heck did this happen? Everyone keeps saying, “Have a great last week!” Last week? What are you all talking about? I JUST got here!

I’m still in denial apparently.

This week was AWESOME!

It was mostly awesome because of our super amazing zone conference! We were so blessed to have the Kearon’s come for our GIANT zone conference. And when I say giant, I mean giant. We had 6 zones there at the Ecully chapel, so more than half the mission! We went up the night before (with literally everyone else) and we were 26 sisters in the same apartment. 26. I kid you not. It was crazy town. We had to wake up at 5:30 to get everyone through the shower in time to leave at 8:00. But the conference was TOTALLY worth it! It was amazing!

The theme of the Roney’s talks was the story of the Stripling Warriors. The other theme was perpetuating your mission into your life. We read the story together and talked about how we are The Stripling Warriors of the France Lyon Mission. We’ve been talking a lot about families lately– our future ones. Which was kinda weird for me at first. President Roney keeps telling us to think about our future spouses and children. If we want to have stripling warrior children, we have to be Anti-Nephi-Lehi parents. Which means we can NEVER break our covenants!
Why is everyone trying to force me to think about the future? It’s so rude…

The Kearon’s talked a lot about choices. How it is our choice to be good missionaries, our choice to act, our choice to change. I would share more specifics, but I’m saving some of the good material for my homecoming talk. See… I say that, but then I laugh like it’s a joke. I have not convinced myself I’m going home yet…

Anyways, point is: The conference was GREAT! I learned a lot and was extremely edified. It was a great last zone conference. Although, as we sang our mission song, “Les Anges dans Nos Campagnes” (Angels We Have Heard on High), I totally started hyperventilating. Yikes. My companion is more or less worried that I’ll totally lose it this week. We’re planning on buying LOTS of Swiss chocolate at the store today…

With our work load, plus having to take care of the Elder’s equipe also, we are busy, busy, busy. But we are so excited for this next week, we have lots of good stuff planned! Also, everyone wants to feed us because it’s my last week. So I might come home weighing double the amount I did when I left…

So last week was Halloween! I told you I am so disappointed with France’s lack of Halloween spirit. The whole day of Halloween I saw two children in costume total. What a bummer. So, since everyone else was being lame, we decided to be the fun people and we went reverse trick-or-treating. We mixed up a batch of pumpkin/ghost shaped sugar cookies and went around to 9 less active member’s homes to deliver them. And wait for it, this is the biggest miracle of all: ALL 9 OF THEM WERE THERE!!! Some of these people are people we haven’t been able to see in months and we were able to see them all on Halloween and get return appointments with many of them! Halloween miracle!

Well, I hope everyone enjoys their week and I’ll see you soon!

Avec amour,

Soeur Jones


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